Gun-control advocates as well as the Trudeau government see a coming overhaul of the guns category system as key to cementing the current government relocation to outlaw assault-style rifles.

The federal government disallowed a wide variety of rifles last Friday, stating the weapons were created for the combat zone, not hunting or sport shooting.

The ban covers some 1,500 models as well as variations of what the government takes into consideration assault-style guns, meaning they can not be legitimately made use of, offered or imported, starting instantly.

Heidi Rathjen of the team PolySeSouvient welcomes the move as a short-term action, yet she states an irreversible ban calls for thorough legislative reform of the classification system defined in the Criminal Code.

Or else, a manufacturer can simply design a brand-new rifle that circumvents the government guidelines, or a future federal government might repeal them with the stroke of a pen.

Public Security Preacher Bill Blair claims the government prepares to present regulation that will certainly produce a brand-new evergreen structure for category to guarantee federal purposes can’t be easily overridden.

This report by The Canadian Press was very first released May 5, 2020.