RUDY FAIL: Giuliani DROPS defamation suit against President Biden Rudy Giuliani, the man once known as “America’s Mayor,” appears to be surrendering on several fronts. Giuliani, facing disgrace, criminal cases, defamation lawsuits, and bankruptcy after joining Donald Trump’s quest to remain in power after losing the 2020 election, appears to have given up on his attempt to take President Joe Biden to court for speaking about him publicly. Giuliani filed a lawsuit against Biden back in October, alleging that the president defamed him by referring to him as a “Russian pawn.” He argued that the comment had resulted in lost business and decreased audience for his podcast. Biden filed a motion to dismiss, on the grounds that the statements fall clearly within the realm of opinion, and that Giuliani had failed to make any factual claim of of malice. Then, bizarrely, Giuliani, who is juggling various legal issues himself, completely failed to address the motion in his next filing. Law & Crime reports: “In the latest filing, Biden states that instead of filing a response to the motion to dismiss, Giuliani filed a “notice of bankruptcy filing,” seemingly without explanation…Because Giuliani failed to properly respond to Biden’s motion to dismiss, he’s effectively “waived any objection to the motion,” Biden wrote.” In that filing, Giuliani failed to make any argument that the bankruptcy filing had any connection to the lawsuit he’d filed against Biden, or that he needed extra time because of the other case. Meanwhile, the former mayor of New York City has also apparently backed down on his attempts to sell his Manhattan luxury apartment, which he had initially listed for $6.5 million. He later reduced that asking price to $6.1 million, while continuing to film his podcast episodes in the home. In his bankruptcy filing, though, Giuliani said the apartment was worth only $5.6 million -— then he abruptly withdrew it from the market, according to The Independent . Giuliani filed his bankruptcy case after being ordered to pay $148 million to two women in Georgia who he falsely accused of being complicit in the imaginary scheme to flip votes to Joe Biden in 2020. He’s recently been ordered to provide more information about donations to his legal defense fund, after the two plaintiffs in the defamation case expressed concern that he might be using the fund to hide his own cash flow. Steph Bazzle is a news writer who covers politics and theocracy, always aiming for a world free from extremism and authoritarianism. Follow Steph on Twitter @imjustasteph. Sign up for all of her stories to be delivered to your inbox here:

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