It turns out there’s a limit to just how far from reality you can stray and still be welcome on Fox News. Rudy Giuliani has reportedly found (and crossed) that line.

The former New York Mayor turned Donald Trump loyalist has been banned from the channel for three months, according to a report Friday from Politico. The report says Giuliani, whose career peaked in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, was slated to appear on Fox’s 20th anniversary coverage, but host Pete Hegseth called him the night before to tell him he’d been cut and apologize, according to Politico.

The ban, network bookers have been told, comes “from the top,” per Politico’s sources, and extends to Giuliani’s son Andrew, who is currently running for governor of New York. A Fox News spokesperson denied Andrew Giuliani has been banned from the network, and denied that Rudy Giuliani was scheduled to appear on Fox & Friends on 9/11. Fox News declined to comment on whether Rudy Giuliani is barred from appearing on the network. Giuliani and his lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.

It appears that the bridge too far for Fox News was when Giuliani landed the channel in legal trouble. While working as Trump’s lawyer to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, Giuliani pushed debunked claims about Dominion Voting Systems, accusing the company of being part of a broader effort to rig the election in Joe Biden’s favor. Trump’s legal team pushed claims that Dominion had ties to liberal mega-donors, as well as to communists in Venezuela. (These claims that already been debunked internally by the Trump campaign itself at the time that the legal team was making them.)

Dominion did not take kindly to these claims and is suing Giuliani for making them. But the company has also hit Fox News with a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit. Politico notes that senior Trump aides have also had difficulty landing appearances on the network, as has Bernie Kerik, Giuliani’s former police commissioner. “I think this was another demonstration of Fox’s cowering to the far left,” he told Politico of the network’s decision to exclude Giuliani from its 9/11 coverage.

The ban is the latest embarrassment in a reputational nosedive for the former mayor of New York. Earlier this week, he was offering promotional codes for discounted pillows on his Twitter account. A source close to Giuliani told Politico that the he is “really hurt” by the ban.