TODD: So Joe Biden is gonna give his long-rehearsed (I’m sure he rehearsed for over three months), reading-into-a-camera-address tonight. (laughing) I can’t wait for you to hear Rush’s observations about the naked emperor. That will be next hour, Rush’s wisdom on that. Much to get to. One of the things about the Maha is we have from him… (chuckling) He had their playbook. It drove ’em nuts.

He had the Democrats playbook, and it exists today, even as far as they dive into communism and tyranny, we can still turn back to Rush. He often talked about that Democratic playbook and how it never really changed, and he knew if Joe Biden got elected, we’d relive the same tactics again. The covid-19 — the spending bill Democrats have rammed through — is gonna be the same thing Obama and Biden did in 2019.

RUSH: I just saw during the break that Plugs actually got close to getting something right. He was talking about the recession that they inherited, he and Obama in 2009 after they were inaugurated. And he said, “We came up with about $800 billion,” which is the Porkulus amount, the stimulus. “We came up with $800 billion. So you know what we did with it? We sent it to the states. And the states were able to keep their key people employed.”

Now, this is the first time they’ve admitted this. Plugs… I don’t know if there’s gonna be blowback on this, but that’s not what they said the stimulus was for. Back then in 2009 when Obama is selling this thing, the stimulus is for infrastructure: roads and bridges. We’re gonna repair schools. We’re gonna do all of these wonderful things and it’s gonna create jobs, and this is going to create an economic recovery. Biden was put in charge of it, and they called it Recovery Summer.

Well, there wasn’t a recovery because that’s not what they did with the money. Plugs just honestly admitted what they did with it. They sent it to the states where union employees were kept employed and on the job. That’s what that stimulus money was for. Eighty-five percent of it, folks. We tracked this.

Eighty-five percent of it was sent to public employee unions so that teachers and SEIU types would not be laid off. So that they would continue to pay union dues, because a percentage of all union dues ends up being sent back to the Democrat Party as campaign donations. So what that stimulus really was — and don’t get mad at me. But what it really was was a quasi-money-laundering operation.

Obama couldn’t go over to the Treasury and write a check for $800 billion to the DNC. But he could pass a stimulus bill and tell everybody it was for roads and bridges and schools and all these other wonderful things they were gonna build and gonna repair. Biden just very proudly for the first time admitted what they did with the money. They sent it to the states for their public employees. We had to keep the states open. We had to keep the states running.

Now, I don’t know if he’s gonna get any blowback on this, ’cause it’s so many years ago. And they can cover for it. And the scandalous nature of it is so long ago that I don’t think it’s gonna matter. But he did admit what they actually used that stimulus money for. That stimulus money was essentially a circuitous route to send a bunch of money in the form of campaign contributions from union members to the Democrat National Committee.

TODD: And Rush spoke about the playbook, coming up on this program. Do you know a white farmer? I’m not… No. I’m seriously asking you. Stop the talk radio thing. Just Todd talking to you. Do you know any white farmers? ‘Cause black farmers are getting a bunch of money. White farmers are not. This is part of the Biden plan. It’s racist. Backdoor reparations.