People tend to get stuck in their ways as life goes on, but there are certain events that are particular catalysts for change. Fame, wealth, and power often make the person act quite differently than they used to. And with the rich and famous, most of us only know them post-stardom. So internet users asked people to share their experiences with celebrities at school or before they became famous and how it changed them. 

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My Aunt and Uncle lived next door to Patrick Stewart. He had a terrible childhood. His dad was traumatised during the War like so many were. He changed so much it became untenable and his mum used to send him to relatives to keep him safe. Very sad . He is a lovely man and he keeps in touch with friends he made many years ago.

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I didn’t go to high school with him by my girlfriend’s grandparents used to rent movies from a local blockbuster and this gentleman always suggested some strange movies to them. They said he was really nice but had a weird name. Turns out it was Quentin Tarantino. They watched one of his movies after he got big and they said “Well that explains a lot of the movie suggestions he gave us.”

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I’m cousins with Cardi B and have known her since we were kids. She’s honestly been the same person, kept to herself and is crazy and funny when she’s comfortable. We still see each other at family parties regularly so it’s nice.

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Imagining one’s self famous is a common fantasy, but in reality, it can be somewhat traumatic. Obviously, being a celebrity could help one fix a lot of financial problems. But fame and fortune are no protection against bad decisions in general. For example, actor Nicolas Cage ended up in over $14 million dollars of debt to the IRS after a long series of bad investments and excessive spending. 

While he has since cleared the debt, fame also brings with it some serious psychological risks. This is most visible with child stars, to the point that “child star” is synonymous with crazy. Many end up suffering from addictions and estrangement since they are often not able to socialize with their peers and just be a kid. Often they will feel a lot of resentment towards parents or guardians who forced them into the profession. So as nice as wealth is, it’s hard to put a price on mental health.


Went to primary school with Hugh Jackman, total class act and always had the makings of someone who would be successful.

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I was in the first Harry Potter film as Dan Radcliffe’s body double. So…all the characters had already been announced and were newly famous.

Gets my back up now when people say that this person or that person “seemed like a d**k”.

Genuinely all really nice kids (hopefully still are as adults). Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) wrestled a little bit with the idea of forever being known as a villain…funny because he was the coolest guy there and got me into Limp Bizkit! We all used to play THPS2 in his dressing room, he would always win.

So yeah…all really nice people.

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My old neighbor grew up with John Mayer and was really close with him. While I never got to meet him, my roommate did on a few occasions. Apparently Mayer was fairly laid back and just wanted to hang out.

The thing that really sticks with me is when my neighbor’s wife took her own life Mayer let my neighbor move into his house for several months. It was sad, but said neighbor couldn’t stand being in his own home anymore knowing his wife lived her last moments there. From what I understand she intentionally OD’d on medication while he was home and came to him saying “I don’t feel well” and then collapsed.

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American journalist Rober Caro, when covering election cycles, once said “power doesn’t corrupt, it reveals.” If a person has the potential to be evil, conceited, or downright crazy, giving them power is a great way to find out. Most celebrities, outside of the so-called nepo babies, started as regular people. Fame gives one a lot of freedom to just do what they wanted to do in the first place.


I went to high school with Margot Robbie. We were pretty good friends but I haven’t spoken to her in years. She was absolutely lovely. No one had a bad word to say about her, and she is very intelligent.

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Was a freshman when Chris Pratt was a senior. We didn’t interact much, but he was in a lot of the assemblies and I did tech theater for a play he was in.

He was a goofball. Lots of charisma, laid back, class clown. Bout what you’d expect seeing him now.

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My mom went on a few dates with Nicholas Cage! I’m not sure exactly what year it was but my mom was a professional ballet dancer in New York. Nic Cage’s dad owned the ballet company my mom danced for. So apparently Nic Cage saw my mom and thought she was cute so they went on a few dates. I asked my mom what he was like and she thought for a second and then said “weird”.

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Now that we’ve had multiple generations of celebrities, people are catching on to the pitfalls of fame. Some celebrities take conscious steps to stay grounded since stars often totally lose their connection with the average person. Some are very careful with money like actresses Kristen Bell and Halle Berry. Others take the advantages given to them by fame and turn it into a springboard for philanthropy, like Angelina Jolie who works with the UN Refugee Agency.


I went to college with Lin Manuel Miranda. I was more of an acquaintance, but we share a lot of the same friends. He is one of the funniest, craziest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. He seems like he hasn’t changed much and is still the same awesome person.

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My grandmother had a milkshake with Elvis Presley. She loved him and the day he died she kicked my father out of the house because he was being a brat. Around Christmas time she would always get so sad when “Blue Christmas” played on the radio.

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Post Malone and I graduated from high school together! I even have a picture from when our art class recreated the Last Supper with McDonald’s for someone’s art project. He posed as Jesus and I was basically Judas. We weren’t friends, but he was always friendly when we did speak. He had a very chill demeanor and always cracked jokes in our history class. I liked the dude!

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It’s particularly impressive when a celebrity who could theoretically retire at thirty instead chooses to regularly help people. Elton John, for example, started and still maintains an AIDS foundation and hosts an annual ball where he auctions off his own instruments to raise money for research and medication.


My best friend’s mom went to college with Wes Anderson and yes, he was a total hipster, but he’s this super humble dude. They run into each other in Dallas every once in a while and he says hi and buys her coffee as if he’s not this huge director. Same for Owen Wilson.

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Not me, a classmate’s son my age went to school with Tom Holland. Apparently he’s super sweet and goofy, little scatterbrained and forgetful.

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I went to high school with Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson). We hung out as we were both in the marching band. She was nice and had an outlandish personality way back then (late 70’s) but wasn’t snobby or anything like that.

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My brother went to high school with Taylor Swift. She was actually super mean to people and got booed off the stage at her junior year talent show.

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Went to HS with Kesha. She was in marching band, and was mostly quiet.


My mother grew up with Courtney Cox. She was a massive b**ch. The stories are horrible. She’s from Mountain Brook, Alabama.. an incredibly wealthy suburb of Birmingham. (Same town as Natalee Holloway that disappeared in Aruba.)

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I had a friend who went to church with Ken Jeong. Apparently he comes back to his hometown regularly to see his parents and such. Was told he was a real nice guy and the only thing that changed after the fame was people haranguing him.


I went to middle school with Drake. He was a year older with my older bro and He cried one time in the boys gym change room bc another boy had some designer sweater or something and he didn’t lol…..I don’t remember him being awful or anything just a little whiney…….I actually got invited to his house last summer and met him and told him we went to middle school together etc. and he was really nice.

mrdannyg21 added:

He went to my high school, though in different grades so I didn’t know him. He was already famous from Degrassi High, and he was hilariously pompous. This school had quite a few rich families, and the rich kids loved him of course.

I mean, he was a very rich kid named Aubrey, living in a rich white/Jewish area. His ‘started from the bottom’ stuff in songs and ‘street’ accent is hilariously fake.

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You know how they say bullies will end up working in McDonalds and you’ll end up doing bigger and better things? Mine’s a professional NASCAR driver (Noah Gragson) and I just have depression. So that’s sick.


Went to school with Khalid, he was one of those kids that always pretended to be stoned but never smoked, he acted very flamboyant and used that to always be around girls, never made a move on them though, strange fellow.

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I went to school with Terry Crews for a couple years. Nice kid and a great artist. He and one other kid used to have drawing competitions before class started. Somebody would yell out a comic book character and he and the other kid (also a great artist) would both draw. I can’t remember who was better because it was a lifetime ago.

He punched me in the chest once at an assembly and totally winded me. I was being a d**k, so I had it coming.


Not me, but a good friend of mine was classmates with Anna Kendrick. They weren’t close friends but they hung out a few times and had a bunch of classes together. Apparently she was super shy, not the type of person to demand attention or anything. She’s kind of amazed that Anna went on to be a celebrity just because she seemed too timid to want to do that. She said she was always really nice though, the type of person who got along with everyone.


Several. I worked on Robot Chicken with Ben Schwartz before he became known to the world as Jean Ralphio. We still run into each other every now and then randomly. He was funny and cool then. He’s funny and cool now.

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Kelly Clarkson’s family and a section of mine were really close before she got famous. I was originally introduced to her as another of my cousins (i have, and know, over 70 first and second cousins, my family reunions are massive). She was pretty cool when we were kids. Shes a couple years older than me but was always really nice, down to earth, and big on church group stuff. My family has old videos of me and her singing together and of her singing for my aunt and uncles wedding, all from before american idol. (No, i couldnt sing worth crap then or now, but her love of music was contagious)


My parents went to Catholic high school with Chris Farley. Guess he acted the exact way off camera and got suspended once for showing his pecker to a nun.

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My mom went to school with Marilyn Manson. Apparently, in middle school, he went around with a lunchbox of doll heads and his dad affectionately referred to him as Lucifer and the Antichrist.

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My mam was in the same high school as Gerard Butler. I believe there is 3 years between them, but they also lived on the same street briefly. They both attended the University of Glasgow too, although my mam moved to London with my auntie to another university where my mam got a degree in law. I don’t know why they moved, especially as the University of Glasgow is a Law School I believe.

She always has said he was lovely, cared for a lot of people and was just nice all the time, she’s always went to the cinema in the opening week to see his films. That being said, she was pretty much devastated when Butler’s house was destroyed in the fires in California a couple years back.


Obligatory not me, but my mom went to high school with Dave Grohl, knew him pretty casually. Said he was a total stoner, VP of the class, and would play music over the loudspeakers on occasion and was really good. Super nice, super laid back guy, really humble about how talented he was/is.


Went to school with Justin Bieber. My only memories of him were him trying to act tough and pick fights with kids 4 grades higher than him and making fun of disabled people on the city bus and getting kicked off the bus more than once.

Was just a typical rude kid who thought he was king sh**t and basically a bully to everyone let your imagination fill in the gaps.

amarich1224 added:

I didn’t go to school with one but my sister did (Justin Bieber) and he lied about being 16 when she was 14 just to date her.


Family friend still holds a grudge against Anne Hathaway for stealing her boyfriend in high school.


My dad went to school with Paul Walker. Apparently he was a pretty big nerd.


I’ve posted this before, but I went to college with Mickey Madden from Maroon 5. Actually with a lot of famous people, but he’s probably the biggest star, and he’s certainly the one I where our relationship changed the most.

Before they made it, Flowers for Kara (the original band name) was playing in bars, sometimes only to an audience of two: me and Adam’s mom. I was happy to go, though, because Mickey was my buddy and I liked going to bars. We’d hang out afterwards, I’d drink too much, and then I’d cab it home (or walk, if the bar was close and/or I was super drunk). I met all of the guys but I never really hung out with them like I did with Mickey. We were in college together, so I saw him all the time and we’d chat about life or whatever. He was always kind of aloof, and I am the sort of guy who just knows everyone, so we had a lot of conversations along the lines of “wait, you know that person?” “yeah.” “how?” “we’re in the same class, dude.” He was sort of anti-social, not because of shyness or rudeness but because he was doing his own thing and was completely okay with the social cost of dedicating his full time to his music. I’m not really sure why he made time for me, given that he had so little to spend outside of the band, but we’d grab lunch and chill and he was a good dude who gave a s**t about something in this world and I loved that about him.

And that’s really what those guys did. Just after we graduated, they all moved into their rehearsal space, quit their jobs, and decided to go 100% into the band or die trying. I’m not saying this is a good tactic for most people, but for Maroon (the band’s new name), it worked. Their music got really, really tight. Songs they’d been playing for years suddenly sounded fresh. And then they realized their guitarist was a druggie (actually that might have been before they moved into the rehearsal space; this was a while ago), and they kicked him out of the band. They got a new guitarist who’d been in garage bands for ages, and renamed themselves Maroon 5.

I remember seeing the new band at the Whiskey, where they’d had to pay the bar to let them play. There were easily 200 people there, mostly to see a different band, but once Adam got up there and started making love to the microphone, everyone turned to listen. People were literally pushing their way to the front of the stage. This had never happened before at their shows, or at least not at any that I’d ever been to. The new guitarist was great, and did this thing where he used his beer bottle as a slide that really impressed me.

“That’s some cheap bar s**t,” Mickey told me when I said how cool I thought it was after the show. “I’m gonna tell him to knock it off for the next gig.”

About a week later, my cellphone caught fire in my pocket. I didn’t see flames, per se, but there was thick black smoke coming out of the ancient T616. I panicked, chucked it out the open window of my car, and then backed over it for good measure.

That’s about the time I realized I didn’t have any of those phone numbers memorized. Whatever, those folks would call my number on my new phone and I’d get their numbers then, right? Except two weeks later Maroon 5 was topping the charts, had signed a record label, and was going on tour.

I never heard from Mickey again. Or at least I haven’t, yet. I just want my bud to know that I’m so goddamn proud of him (all of them, really) for catching hold of their dream and never, ever letting go. They worked incredibly hard and earned all of the success they’ve had. I get why he never called; s**t got busy and his fried from college never even called to say congratulations. I doubt he even had time to notice, but I hope he knows I would have if I could have.

Anyway, be good, Mickey. I’m proud of ya.


My mother’s best friend’s sister (not me I know) went to high school with Brad Pitt. She even dated him for a few months before breaking up with him because she said he would go nowhere in life.

Another user added:

My ex brother-in-law had Brad Pitt as a roommate. They were both trying to be actors. He said the guy never showered, hardly ever and stank.

Pitt got famous and ex brother-in-law was an extra in some pretty big films. Too funny.

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My coworker went to high school with Bruno Mars. Said he was a really nice and charismatic dude.


I was voted “going places” and Dakota Fanning was voted “best smile” our 6th grade year, so we hung out for a while taking pictures for yearbook. She asked me on a date to a toothpaste commercial she was filming a week later. I declined. Her smile is still fine, but I didn’t exactly go places.


Went to Jr High and High School with Taylor Lautner. Played football together my Freshmen year.

Dude was really nice, and a bit awkward. This was before the whole twilight thing, and he was most famous for Sharkboy and Lavagirl. He seemed pretty much what you expect a theater kid to be like. But really nice dude over all, pretty quiet, played pokemon leaf green together a few times.


I went to school with Ashley Simpson and Jessica Simpson. Both were really amazing and kind.


I asked my dad since he went to high school with Viggo Mortenson

He was 2 years above him, but remembered him being a nice guy the couple of times he ever ran into him at Watertown High. He wasn’t into acting yet so he wasn’t in school plays or anything, just an all around guy that seemed genuine and enjoyed soccer.


I sorta knew Gaten Matarazzo back in 2011 when my dad was in Priscilla: Queen of the desert with him. He was cool. When the show went on tour in Toronto, he showed me his massive, I mean MASSIVE LEGO collection. I guess he was getting paid very well from the show. If you need a reference, he was Dustin in Stranger Things. Now we don’t really talk but he’s still good friends with my dad.


I went to high school with Paris Hilton and we were actually really close because my mom was friends with her mom so they were in the same social circle. She was hilarious and we always went shopping together on Rodeo Drive but of course, she bought mostly everything while I only bought something once in a while. She always got the hot guys and was in the news a lot while I was the background friend that she would have sleepovers with. We still keep in touch every once in a while but she was my closest friend in high school before she went to the Simple Life and all that shit. There was def some ‘powder’ that wasn’t makeup powder in our compacts and lipstick containers.


Rob Lowe went to my high school with my friend’s dad. Said he would hang out in the community park and smoke weed. Total stoner


I went to school with John Stamos, very cool guy.


Nicole Maines (Supergirl) is an absolute joy to hang out with and I’m extremely happy to still call her one of my best friends


Went to college with Logan Paul. we have these huge street parties every spring. remember a whole block of college party kids chanting “f**k Logan Paul” – these were the vine days when he was just starting out


Elementary school with Nick Jonas. There would always be like at least 10 girls at recess who would follow him around to hear him sing. Really sweet kid, kind of quiet and kept to himself if I remember correctly.


Went to high school with Mac Miller. Dude was f**kin dedicated, he was selling CDs in school and always had posters up and stuff. We weren’t really in the same social circles but we had some classes together. He was a goof and a generally good guy. RIP.


Jensen Ackles was a well-liked theater kid. Berkner High School ftw.


I knew Tom Hanks really well before he became famous, but i stopped being friends with him because he was a huge name dropper.


My mom and uncles went to HS with Bryan Adams. Thought he was an arrogant prick who told everyone how famous he was going to be. He asked my uncle to play drums for him and my uncle told him to get bent.


My German TA last year went to High School with Miley Cyrus right before she became famous. Said she was “exactly what you’d expect.”


Was friends with Natalie Portman in first grade. Had a fake fur coat. Her mom would pack her lunch in lots of little containers with instructions on how to assemble them. That’s all I remember.


My ex gf went to HS with Christina Aguilera. Typical kinda story about being friends when they were younger and getting Christina becoming elitist when her singing started to really take off. Although my ex thought she was a good singer so maybe she was just jealous


Went to highschool with Shawn Mendes. Nice kid, we all used to make fun of him a bit but I guess the jokes on us now. I see him around at parties once and a while, still a nice guy.


Went to the same high school as The Weeknd. He graduated a year before I got there but I remember meeting him as 12 year old at a local pizza place (shout out Enricos). He was piss drunk and mad he got kicked out of the schools Friday night lights football game (f**k you Ms. Burch). It was one of the first times in my life an older person was cool to me for no reason, introduced himself “hey man I’m Abel”. We talked a little, he knew my next door neighbour who was his age. Life’s weird man.


My friends mom went to school with Tony Hawk, she said he was pretty chill.


Went to high school with Justin Long. He was a normal, quirky theater kid. Decent dude.


My husband knew Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy – back in the day they had some mutual friends. Said Wentz was a nice guy, quiet. Puked in my husband’s car once after a rave, lol.


Didn’t go to school with him, but had a ton of mutual friends and a casual/passing friendship with Gerard Way (he lived the next town over from me). Really nice guy, was glad to see him make it big.


I ran track with Jack Lemmon back in Andover, Mass. when we were kids. John (we all called him John back then) was a nice fellow, and boy was he ever fast! Like a lightning bolt in sneakers.


Tommy Hilfiger, who was basically regarded as a trashy a-hole. He had approximately one hundred siblings and I think they were all kind of that way.


Knew a top NHL player in high school. We weren’t great friends but played a lot of youth sports together before he concentrated on hockey full time.

Dude went away, did his OHL / Minor Major thing and I didn’t talk to him. A few years later he appear in the NHL. I followed his career.

Anyways, he retired. My dad and I ran into him at the bar near where I grew up a few years back. He recognized me and bought us each a beer. It was really f*****g cool hanging out with him for a bit.


Childhood friend Pierre Bourne from 7th grade ended up making beats for high end artist like Drake and Kanye. His slogan is “ayyy Pierre you wanna come out here?” But he’s still cool and replies to my snaps. When his music is played in a club, I’ll send him a snap of everyone vibing to it. A lot of people don’t believe me so I just show them the conversation we have on snap and insta haha


Went to School with Liam Payne from One Direction.

He’s pretty much the same guy now as he was then, makes a few trips back to the home town since he left, but no one sees his much anymore.


Britney Spears went to my summer camp when I was a kid.. she was bratty. And kind of dirty lol


I’m friends with Kevin Gates. A rapper that started local and did well. Got famous and moved. When he recorded “I think I like her” we knew it was gonna blow up.

I dated his sister when we were younger and he performed at an underground night club me and my friends opened named club fusion in Baton Rouge. (I’m sure there’s footage out there of all of us )

Once he got famous I never saw him again. He moved and traveled but we keep in touch.

He FaceTimed me about two years ago to tell me happy birthday. Other than that I don’t hear from him.

Media sure makes it sound like he’s become another person.

But he’s still thoughtful enough to FaceTime his friends every now and then. So that’s gotta count for something.


Went to high school with Chris Mintz-Plasse, the guy that plays McLovin. He was pretty quiet overall and was in the drama club. One of my friends originally heard about the audition so he tagged along and eventually got the part.


Idk if he’s considered famous but “Rich the kid” lived with his grandmother in my neighborhood. He was a punk skater kid. We were kind of cool till he tried to steal my skateboard. Decked him in the face grabbed my board and went inside. We weren’t cool anymore after that. He moved and a couple years later one of my buddy tells me who “rich the kid” is.


My mom went to highschool with Willem Dafoe. He was a few years older than she was. But she says the only two things she remembers were his acne and that he tried to make the nickname “Billy D-Fo” stick.

And we should all be glad it didn’t.


I used to be friends with Jennette McCurdy of icarly when I was 5-7. We used to go to Disneyland together every month. She was just starting acting. I moved away and we lost contact though. It was a shock to see the face of a former childhood friend on a magazine in a store when icarly first started. I’m forever proud of her <3


My friend’s mom went to high school with Roseanne. She was quiet. Guess that changed.


Ben hung out at my house on occasion. Partied with my housemates, but didn’t do anything crazy to stand out. Was pretty chill and laid back. He was just a nice guy. Macklemore was starting to blow up, so one day I decided to check out his “Thrift Shop” video. I kept spotting people that I knew in the video, it was cool that this rapper was featuring local folks. And Ben kept popping up during the intro, which was funny as hell. Hey it’s that funny guy who hangs out on the couch! He’s riding a scooter with a goofy coat! Then the vocals started and it dawned on me. Ben is Macklemore. Huh. He didn’t come around the house after that, which was for the best (for him).


I grew up with the kid from Bad Grandpa (the one with Johnny Knocksville). His name’s Jackson and he was always really cool. He was pretty hilarious at times. He’s not exactly that famous, but Bad Grandpa was a really big movie when it first came out.


Went to school with Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Gregoire. She was a snob and her father only allowed her to date Rich guys.


Went to high school with Clay Aiken, bratty and refused to be in the school play because he didn’t get the lead part.


Ninja was as much a tool then as he is now. Nothing really changed. Really fake, tended to bully people.


Went to school with Joe Guidice. He was a total douche bag, and it remains a happy memory that I beat his ass in 7th grade.

Basically a self important little s**t that liked to claim Italians were great and he’d never give that up. Enjoy your deportation asshole


Have a few friends who went to HS with Tom Brady. He wasn’t well liked by his classmates and teammates.

I went to school with Pat Tillman. He was a horrible person in HS and I’m convinced he left the NFL to going the Army for reasons of bloodlust. I was not shocked to find out he was killed by friendly fire.

I hear he changed his attitude his last year at ASU, hopefully he did and I am wrong about why he went to fight.


I met and played games online with a kid while I was in college. He was one of those tryhard people that would rage for the dumbest s**t. Also really socially weird. We were in the same guild and basically only interacted that way. He got pretty good at Counter Strike and big into WoW back in the day.

10 years later I saw a streamer Summit with 15k viewers. I recognized his voice. It was this guy. He’s basically the same.


My brother was in a brass wind ensemble playing trumpet, when he met a really cool and talented French horn player. They end up getting a little house together and were roommates for a couple years. Now the dude tours all over the place as an EDM producer and sells out shows internationally.

Last time I saw him he escaped LA to come visit (I lived with my brother in the same house after he moved out,) and he just complained that he never gets to us anymore, and that he can tell that his new friends are obviously only there for the connections

Edit: I went to his house once for a bbq, and after not seeing him for a few years. After talking for a bit, he asked for my shoe size. I told him I’m an 11, and his face sparked up and he ran off to his room and told me to wait. He gave me a pair of cardinal retro 7s and said that someone paid for him to wear them at a show, but they were way to big for him.


Went to school with Eminem daughter in high school. She was a cool girl and always gotten a lot of attention because of her dad


Knew Martin Garrix through some mutual friends (he’s from the same town as me) didnt talk with him that often but from what others tell me he is mostly still a chill dude that still hangs out with his close old friends whenever he can (i heard he even brings them with him sometimes).


Went to highschool with Tyrese Haliburton. He is a super nice and helpful guy. Wish the best for him in the NBA

My family knew Ron Johnson before he became a senator. He once help save my dog when my dog fell in the freezing water. Besides that he’s mostly a dick.


I was a boarding supervisor when Dave Taylor was in high school. He was an absolute tool as a teenager and the school covered up a lot of his bullshit in order to keep cashing those NRL cheques.


Ben (and Casey) Affleck. Both conceited.

One day Ben overheard me telling my friend to meet me at the pahk, he became visibly annoyed and yelled “it’s not pahk it paRk! Get it right people!”

Clearly he just came from a dialect lesson or something. He must have been around 12 at the time.