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With President Joe Biden’s inauguration came a whirlwind of some of the most stunning sycophancy seen in four years, with “journalists” hopping over themselves to lavish both him and first lady Jill Biden with massive unearned praise.

Of all the praise doled out, perhaps most jarring was the media’s insistence that Jill has suddenly brought so-called “fashion” back to the White House. What makes this position untenable is the fact that her predecessor was an actual fashion model.

Yet rarely these past four years did any outlets in the left-wing mainstream press seek to celebrate then-first lady Melania Trump’s bonafide fashion sense.

The same is true of the world’s fashion magazines. It’s a point her husband, former President Donald Trump, had made a note of just a couple of weeks ago:

President Trump has a beef with fashion snobs snubbing the ‘most elegant first lady in American history’

— Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) December 26, 2020

For years Melania’s sense of style and fashion were all but ignored, yet within minutes of Jill stepping into the White House, the entire media predictably went gaga over her.

But one outlet, Refinery29, took it too far for conservative Mollie Hemingway, by daring to proclaim that Jill “is bringing American fashion back into the White House.”

Say what?

Our corporate media are so sick and sad and hateful that they will assert that the DEPARTURE of an actual fashion supermodel from the White House means the ARRIVAL, with the totally normally attired Jill Biden, of ***fashion*** to the White House.

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) January 20, 2021

She wasn’t the only one left aghast.


“Bring it back”?

You literally just had a print and runway model in the White House, for four years, decked out in gorgeous clothes with the most perfect hair I’ve ever seen.

The White House hasn’t looked that good since Jackie O.

— Kendall Cameron (@kn_cameron) January 20, 2021

The scorn and disrespect shown to Melania Trump, one of the most elegant, accomplished, and sophisticated First Ladies in history, who could speak five languages, is one of the worst abominations of the Resistance.

— Bob H (@rkctraveler) January 20, 2021

Melania Trump looked amazing every single day she was First Lady.

There’s nothing to “bring back”, except fairness and objectivity.

Let’s see some.

— What does Joe Biden smell like? Depends. (@corrcomm) January 20, 2021

You’ve got to be kidding?! @MELANIATRUMP was by far the most stylish First Lady we’ve had in the past 4 decades at least!!

— JC.leigh29 (@jschumacher907) January 21, 2021

There was literally a fashion model as the First Lady in the White House for 4 years. But your hatred made it hard to see!

— President Elect – Roman (@LcLmRoman) January 20, 2021

It’s really sad that your blinding hate of Donald Trump prevented you from seeing Melania’s beauty, even when it was right in front of you.

— Bolder Trades 🇺🇸🇸🇪 (@BolderTrades) January 20, 2021

She looks like a bottle of Scope mouthwash. Doesn’t compare at all to the previous FLOTUS, who had style & flair to boot. But our fashion rags all knew that didn’t they? How many covers did former FLOTUS grace? What a disgrace our fashion community is, they line up fine with MSM.

— JoeGo GoJomez G-G-G-Gomez aka Joe Gomez (@Joseph_Gomez) January 20, 2021

The anger was palpable, in part because — objectively speaking — Jill ain’t got nothing on Melania’s fashion sense. The photos prove it.


Jill will never be Melania no matter how hard she tries…

— Anna (@lilwolf30) January 20, 2021

Not that this is meant to be a diss of Jill. She’s not a former professional model, after all.

While no doubt the worst offender, Refinery29 wasn’t the only one. Below are more noteworthy headlines that reek of sycophancy:

Meanwhile, CNN published a 500-word tribute to Jill’s fashion.

“First lady Jill Biden did not disappoint, quietly signaling she knows exactly how to harness the soft-power potential of fashion in the three looks she wore to mark the occasion. Nodding to emerging design talent, sustainable fashion, and multiculturalism, her choices hit all the right notes and contributed to a growing sense among onlookers that fashion diplomacy has returned to the American political stage,” the outlet’s fashion experts wrote with alacrity.

Conversely, a small snippet published by CNN in 2017 about Melania’s Inauguration Day festival measured only 89 words — some of which weren’t even about her — and lacked any enthusiastic adjectives.

“Melania Trump stepped out in a powder blue Ralph Lauren outfit that harkened back to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ iconic style. She also wore matching shoes and gloves. Her look drew comparisons to the outfit Jackie Kennedy wore to her husband’s inauguration in 1961,” the piece read.

“Ralph Lauren also did many of former first lady Hillary Clinton’s suits. The brand declined to comment on how the Ralph Lauren Collection came together, whether they offered the powder blue skirt ensemble or if Trump chose it herself.”

See the difference?

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