Sophie Choudry to ‘Work It Up’ with celebrities

Dumbbells, sweatpants, and gossip. Catch your B-town favorites sweat out secrets as they ‘Work It Up’ with Sophie Choudry Yes, you heard us right! Ditching the usual couch and making the moves, VOOT and TikTok bring the fit and fabulous Sophie Choudry to host tinsel town celebrities for a one of a kind fitness chat show.

Sophie Choudry to 'Work It Up' with celebrities

Hosted by Bollywood insider and fitness junkie, Sophie Choudry the show is all set to lure its viewers with fun, fitness and diet secrets from their favorite Bollywood celebrities, whilst they sweat out some spicy revelations.

The show has been conceptualised under #EduTok, one of TikTok’s most successful knowledge based campaigns that has encouraged TikTok users to create educational, inspirational and meaningful content across themes, including fitness and well being. The show is India’s first  chat show under #EduTokwhere Voot and TikTok come together to bring a healthy change in the society with leading Bollywood celebs sharing their fitness mantras with viewers.

After the massive popularity of VOOT’s Feet Up With The Stars, this new quirky chat show forays into revealing the fitness regime and more that make your favorite celebs stunning. So put on your running shoes, pump your shoulders and get ready to lose some calories, while you spot your favorite celebrity as they Work It Up.

Sophie Choudry to 'Work It Up' with celebrities

Talking about the show, host Sophie Choudry said, “Fitness is an important part of my life and I try to promote a healthy lifestyle whenever I can be it through exercise, dance or even my detox tea. Work it Up synergizes my two favorite elements: Fitness and Friends as I take the audience up- close and personal into their favourite Bollywood stars fitness regimes & reveal their hotness secrets! I have a great bond with most of the celebrities and I’m sure this #EduT     ok chat show will entertain and entice the audience while also bringing about a healthy change in the minds of the viewers. And with the fit india movement in full effect, this is the perfect time for a show like this!”

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