South Africa's Brad Binder WINS Austria MotoGP in Spectacular Fashion
South Africa’s Brad Binder WINS Austria MotoGP in Spectacular Fashion. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Today, South African Red Bull KTM rider Brad Binder won the Austria MotoGP in spectacular fashion – braving out heavy rain – in front of 86,000 spectators. This was his second win in the premier class, since making the move up in 2020.

MotoGP tweeted: “You really had to see it to believe it!” and heralded him for his “skill and bravery off the scale” during the downpour to claim this “ridiculous win”.

“WHAT a brave ride by this man!” said MotoGP on Facebook, “Brad Binder is your WINNER of one of the CRAZIEST #MotoGP races ever! 🤯 ”

Unlike his rivals who opted to change bikes, Binder decided to stay out on slick tyres and held off the field to win his second ever MotoGP. He said afterwards:

I took a big gamble…

“It was a tough race to the finish. I took a big gamble by not changing bikes as the rain made it difficult to manoeuvre through the slippery tracks. With four laps to go, I could see the other racers come in, so I had to try to finish, which proved fruitful with the win.”

Social media users agreed. One said: “How Binder didn’t go down in these conditions is appalling. His bike was hardly on the road. Truly he played a gamble.” Twitter went crazy with comments about what many say was one of the most “incredibly exciting” MotoGP races ever.

The win was the second of Binder’s career, after another shock success at Brno in the Czech Republic a year ago in his rookie season. Binder says:

“I am so incredibly happy to have walked away with the win today, the beginning of the race was super hard for us. I unfortunately got the worst tyre since I have been here, so I was struggling a lot in all the braking and the throttle but when I saw the rain starting, I took my opportunity and I fought as hard as I could and closed in front of the front group which was great.”

The first two laps were easier than the last one for Binder as he struggled to stay on track but skilfully pushed to the finish line.

“When I saw the guys pull up into the pit, I decided to take the gamble and try to push it out to the end. It was incredibly sketchy to try and get the bike home as the carbon brakes lose temperature which feels like you don’t have brakes anymore,” he explains. “I lost my brakes with two laps to go, and it went cold which meant there was no grip at all… but super happy to come home with the win, especially here in Austria which is Red Bull and KTM’s home ground Grand Prix – it is the closest thing that I have to home ground Grand Prix, so hats off to the team.”

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