Newly crowned Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 Chaiyenne Huisman of Spain has warned young girls who idolize celebrities who show negativity.

(Photo courtesy of Chaiyenne Huisman Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

(Photo courtesy of Chaiyenne Huisman Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN) 

“I think we are entitled to whatever we like. A lot of celebrities out there show negativity. I just believe that being your natural self and embracing who you are and where you come from is beautiful,” said Huisman during an exclusive interview in Quezon City recently.

While she did not name any celebrities, the Spanish beauty called on young girls to embrace imperfection as she pointed out that “perfection does not exist.”

“Definitely, I want to be an inspiration for younger women and the next generation. I believe they do need a little guidance and not to look up to these celebrities,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if you are extremely tall or very short or slightly bigger or very slim,” Huisman said.

“Part of life is finding your way through it and finding out who you are as a person and you don’t need to figure that out at a young age. Maybe you can figure that out when you’re 16. We are not perfect and definitely we won’t ever be perfect because perfection does not exist in my eyes.”

Huisman, the first Spanish Miss Asia Pacific International, is a polyglot who speaks six languages.

“(I speak) three fluently which are English, Spanish and Dutch; French and German a little bit, and Swedish. So I guess Tagalog is the next one,” she said.

The Spanish senorita explained how she came about speaking six languages.

“From a young age, I learned all three – English, Spanish, and Dutch because I was in English and Spanish schools. That’s why I also have an English accent because I went to an English school. So from a young age, I learned these three languages. My mom is from The Netherlands and she’s Dutch so she taught me Dutch,” she said.

“French and German came slightly later on when I went to high school because they were mandatory in Spain. German language is mandatory in the Netherlands. My best friend is from Sweden so she’s been teaching me little by little,” she added.

Before she competed in Miss Asia Pacific International, Huisman said that she kept herself busy with four jobs.

“I did a bit of modelling just to beef up my portfolio. I was a manager of a hotel. So I have four jobs,” she said.

Asked if she really needed four jobs, the beauty queen said: “I don’t really need four jobs but you have to try other things to find out what you really like. So I was a horse-riding instructor for kids ages 3-13. That’s one of them. I really like to stay busy.”