“Number 1” is a heartwarming local musical comedy on how a retrenched manager became a drag queen by chance.

The movie has gotten two nominations for the 57th Golden Horse Awards — Best Actor and Best Makeup & Costume Design.

While Mark Lee did not clinch Best Actor last night (Nov. 21), Singaporean fashion designer Azni Samdin, 50, won the Best Makeup & Costume Design award along with Malaysian stylist Raymond Kuek.

S’porean fashion designer wins Golden Horse Awards with Malaysian stylist

Azni is also the first Malay award recipient at the prestigious film festival, which is a Chinese equivalent of the Oscars.

via Azni Samdin/Instagram.

This is also the first time that a local movie has won this category at the Golden Horse Awards.

Azni, who has his own brand of bridal wear, was not able to attend the ceremony due to work.

The award was received by Kuek and the film’s director, Ong Kuo Sin, on behalf of Azni.

via Azni Samdin/Instagram.

via Azni Samdin/Instagram.

Felt like a dream to him

Speaking to Berita Harian, Azni said that winning the award felt like a dream to him.

He has since been flooded with congratulatory messages from loved ones and supporters.

What Azni values the most, however, is not the award, but the team he’s worked with.

Prior to winning, Azni wrote on his Instagram:

“No matter what with all the experience and great energy and and and and and from the whole team during the filming was unforgettable. Especially, the partner/stylist/reminder for my coffee time/penang tour guide/and brother… NUH @thegrumpysocialist… TERIMAKASIH yah!!!”

As a movie featuring drag queens, it’s not difficult to tell the amount of effort that went behind the costumes and make-up for the “Number 1” cast members.

via MM2/Facebook.

via MM2/Facebook.

You can watch the teaser here, but it’s best to watch the movie in it’s full glory in the cinemas:

Top image via Azni Samdin/Instagram