A little girl in northern Pakistan died after spending four days in deep well, having allegedly been abducted and raped. Pakistani celebrities are joining protest by the family, demanding justice in the high-profile case.

The horrific tragedy happened last week in Pakistan’s northern Mansehra District. A young girl name Jannat Bibi went missing when playing outside her family home in a village. Four days later she was found in an 80 feet (24 meter) deep dry well, still alive but in critical condition. The toddler died shortly afterwards, triggering a wave of outrage among locals, who went on a protest last Friday to demand justice.

There are conflicting versions of what exactly happened. The gravest one is that Jannat had been abducted, raped and left to die inside the well. Adding insult to injury is that the dying child was denied proper medical treatment, according to her family. This horrifying tale is what prompted some national celebrities in Pakistan to raise their voices for Jannat and other alleged minor victims of brutality.

Popular actress and model Armeena Khan posted a photo of the little girl on her Instagram page, saying Pakistanis need justice for this little kid NOW.”

Celebrity actor Naveed Raza posted a gut-wrenching account of Jannat’s demise, as well as of a different recent sexual assault against a seven-year-old girl in Pakistan. He lashed out at the Pakistani authorities for not doing enough to stop sexual predators.

As of Sunday, the local police said they have detained a number of people in connection with the alleged murder, but didn’t mention pressing any charges against one of them. There have been some difficulties with conducting a post mortem at a local hospital, but they have been resolved.

A police spokesman said the medical report they received “didn’t mention any assault and torture”

Some sceptics say that, while the case seems quite murky and foul play is highly suspected, people should not rush to conclusions before all relevant facts are established.

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