Where there are feral and stray cats, you are sure to find Cat Man Chris (Poole) lurking about. So when he discovered a young stray black and white kitten at a nearby gym, he set to work. Because there was something oddly familiar in the little desperate face looking back up at him. His unique little fur coloring looks just like a Little Rascals “Alfalfa” style hair part!

With that, Alfalfa earned his name and Chris went about “working out” how to get him off the streets.

It can be slow work earning the trust of a stray cat, but Chris is always up to the task.

First, he begins by testing how “friendly” the cat is. Does it come right up to him with no fear? Likely a dumped house cat. Is the feline curious as to the smells coming from this new furless beast? Probably a scared stray who just hasn’t known love or dumped and now wary of humans. Or are there hisses, swipes and far off glaring from the cat? Likely from a feral who is going to take more time to “warm up” to even approach when a human is near.

But from the first moment with little Alfalfa, Chris could see the sweet center-hair parted kitten needed to be off the streets and in a home. 

So he began with a yummy meat tube enticing…that kind of worked. Once the terrified teenage kitten tasted the treat though, he was fully entranced by Chris’s visits.

The trap was set and Alfalfa had a foster home lined up; Now he just needed to be caught! 

Chris used his new favorite treat and placed a line of “breadcrumbs” on the floor of the trap. This would lure Alfalfa in further, setting off the trip plate, which drops the door behind the rescued animals.

But the universe had something else in mind for little Alfalfa and his would-be rescuer.

Because the black and white feline stopped just before the trip plate and simply settled into the wire “fort”! Just an inch further and Alfalfa would be off to a new life, the little rascal. Or he would turn around after devouring his offering and leave Chris defeated for the day.

But then he loafed. Meaning that he got comfortable enough lying in the metal box to curl up into the classic “bread loaf” shape. 

And he set off the trap! 

Chris ran into action, covering the trap with a blanket to lessen Alfalfa’s stress. And off they went.

The foster family lined up were ready for their new charge, knowing that the transition from stray to house cat can be a scary time.

So his new foster mom, Colleen Drury, chose another tasty treat to introduce herself to Alfalfa. And with minnows comes trust apparently.

Alfalfa surprised everyone with his patience and loving attitude. Especially by the time he was out of a quarantine period to ensure no contagious diseases. He got along with the other foster cats to a point not often seen so quickly from strays.

As the days went by, he discovered the joys of indoor life at his foster home. Including a screened in pool area to lounge by! #jealous

But there was one more thing Alfalfa needed help with; a forever home. 

By the time Chris and Colleen agreed he was ready for adoption, Alfalfa had already made his choice. 

He had been home all along.

Colleen and her family had fallen in love with the silly center hair parted kitten too. And he was officially welcomed as a purrmanent resident in their house! CONGRATS TO THE ENTIRE CLOWDER!

Check out the entire Cat Man Chris video of Alfalfa’s transition here…and witness the almost defeat of the patient trapper. 


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