(Tea Party 247) – What if I told you that, when it comes to celebrity climate activists, they’re much more interested in looking down their wealthy, holier-than-thou noses at us than they are actually making the changes in their own lives they think should be mandated to us peasants?

You probably wouldn’t be very surprised.

We all know those celebrities who fly around the world in private jets while advocating for massive taxes and environmental restrictions to be imposed on the plebs.

Now, a study by Swedish academics has found that, indeed, most wealthy people and celebrities have failed to change their flying habits to reduce climate change. Of these celebrities, some are responsible for a thousand times more CO2 than the average person.

Which makes sense, considering the average person isn’t flying around the world on private jets.

The study, which was carried out by researchers from Lund University, reviewed the social media accounts of high-profile celebrities and wealthy philanthropists who are vocal climate alarmists.

Based on the information these elites volunteered themselves about travel, researchers calculated the starting point and destination for flights and then worked out the likely CO2 emissions.

Climate activist Bill Gates, one of the climate activism world’s biggest heavy hitters, was responsible for roughly 1,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide, while flights by figures such as Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez released 1,260 tonnes and 1,050 tonnes, respectively, according to Summit News.

Wealthy celebrities and elitists compare to a global average of 100 kilos per person per year for air travel at a whopping 1000x the average.

Only a minority of these people, the researchers found, have actually deliberately changed the frequency of their air travel or stopped flying, unsurprisingly.

“Their lifestyles are norm-setting and identity-building. Above all, young people dream of traveling around the world in a similar way, without having to worry about money,” said Stefan Gössling.

“Once again, it’s very much a case of do as we say not as we do,” notes Paul Joseph Watson.

That’s exactly it.