It’s been almost 40 years because we initially saw the initial and also practically a year since Suzuki revealed its return, but in just over a month you’ll ultimately have the chance to purchase a Katana.

Suzuki officials announced the price and also availablility of the brand-new Katana (as well as a 2nd shade) at AIMExpo today. The bike will certainly be in dealers in November and also the MSRP will certainly be $13,499.

As Andy reported almost a year back, the new Katana revitalizes the design of the initial from the early 1980s by utilizing the GSX-S1000F as a base. Along with the “mystic silver” model that matches the appearance of the original, Suzuki is also using a black variation (revealed over), which was introduced for the very first time in the United States at AIMExpo.

Suzuki Katana, old and new
The brand-new Katana(foreground), the 1983 Katana,

as well as the black version behind-the-scenes on the system. Picture by Lance Oliver.” When we introduced this bike a year back, we had the vision of finding an initial. The difficulty is exactly how do you locate a 40-year-old bike that’s worth showing,” stated Kerry Graeber, Suzuki’s vice head of state of sales and marketing. The evident first place to look: the Barber Vintage Motorsports Gallery’s collection of 1,600 bikes.

It transforms out Barber did have a 1983 Katana that had actually never also been run as well as they let Suzuki obtain it and also show it in addition to the new one over the previous year. It began out with less than one mile on the odometer, but now it has 2.3 miles on it simply from being intimidated in and also out of programs.

Kerry Graeber, Jeff Ray and Rachel Anderson
Suzuki Vice President Kerry Graeber (with microphone) as well as Suzuki’s Rachel Anderson present a poster, together with a brand-new Suzuki Katana, to Jeff Ray( left ), executive supervisor of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. Picture by Lance Oliver.

In thanks for the loan of the 1983 Katana, Suzuki contributed a new one to the gallery so they can be presented side-by-side.

The styling might be influenced by the very early 1980s, however below the brand-new Katana is modern-day, with three-level (plus off) grip control and also ABDOMINAL MUSCLE. It is powered by a previous-generation GSX-R1000 engine that Suzuki claims generates 147 horse power.

With other manufacturers drawing on their past and also issuing new models with traditional designing, the Katana gives Suzuki an entry right into a sector of the marketplace that includes both those who keep in mind the original and younger riders who simply like the throwback design.

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