If you’re into food-related trends, you may have already noticed the latest hit—sweet potato toast. It’s been a real hit among food bloggers lately and it’s likely that it will become more popular than avocado toast!

To make sweet potato toast, you need sweet potato slices, that you use instead of bread. You can then put whatever toppings you want on top to make yourself a healthy and delicious breakfast or dinner. Sweet potato toast is a great option for anyone who avoids carbs, especially people whose diet is gluten-free. It’s nutritionally similar to a potato, but contains more protein and less starch. There’s very little sugar in sweet potato and no fat, but there are plenty of vitamins and minerals.

How to Make Sweet Potato Toast

When choosing sweet potatoes at the store, choose larger potatoes. Wash them carefully when you get home and peel the skin. Cut slices that are around an inch thick. Bake the slices in the oven or in the toaster, wrapped in aluminum foil.