WATCH: Ajax property entrepreneur Tarekh Rana haunted by Bangladesh fugitive criminal activity manager doppelganger Tarekh Rana threw away no time making a name for himself after transferring to Canada 5 years back. He released a growth firm east of Toronto as well as ended up being known as a politically-connected worldwide business owner and philanthropist.He donated to charities and also political prospects, as well as pictures on social media sites showed him in the company of MPs and also mayors. He won public honors and also was a 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year in Ajax, Ont., where his company is based.” I have actually seen 92 nations, as well as Canada

is the most effective of them all, “he was priced quote as informing a neighborhood magazine, which stated him among the nation’s brand-new titans. He included that the “best thing about Canada is Canadians.”

“They treat me so good.”

Yet an examination by Global Information as well as Bangladesh’s The Daily Celebrity paper has located striking resemblances between Rana as well as a worldwide fugitive implicated of leading a criminal company behind a series of extortions and murders.Md.

Tarekh Rana, proprietor of the Ajax business SJ71Ltd.

Both Rana and the needed man, Khandekar Tanvirul Islam, alias Pleasure, a claimed leader of the 7 Celebrity criminal offense group, are 52, comparable in look and also resided in Kolkata, India.Police and court records declare that a man recognized by his co-accused as the 7 Celebrity leader was arrested in Kolkata in 2007, which he utilized the pen names Md. Tarek Rana. The Ajax businessman additionally goes by Md.

Tarekh Rana.A photo purportedly taken following the 2007 arrest of the suspect affirmed to be Joy reveals a guy appearing like Rana.An Indian key in the name Md. Tarekh Rana is additionally in an Indian court file originating from the apprehension, recognized as that of the man that was take into custody.The birth day, daddy’s name as well as wife’s name in the ticket suit those of the Ajax entrepreneur.Shown the passport, Rana verified

it was his yet refuted being detained in Kolkata or anywhere else as well as increased the opportunity he had actually been the sufferer of identification burglary.” I am now really surprised since for one reason or another someone is using my key & image,”he responded in an email.He insisted he was simply an Indian business owner living in Canada

on a work permit. He and his immigration attorney said he had actually been removed by the RCMP, partially with fingerprinting.But the parallels between Rana and the wanted man are compelling.According to court files, the male apprehended in India 12 years ago has an extremely comparable health background to Rana

‘s, having actually gone through surgical treatment on both legs in Kolkata in very early 2007 to deal with extreme joint inflammation. Rana said he had actually undergone the same treatment in Kolkata in late 2006 and early 2007. The Indian court file of the man declared to be Joy consists of a vehicle driver’s permit, bank declarations, business records and also income tax return– all under the name Md.

. Tarekh Rana. They explain the suspect as born on March 3, 1967. Ontario home documents reveal the Ajax designer has the very same day of birth.The suspect was likewise represented in the Indian court procedures as the proprietor of the Kolkata garment company Gaus Fashion. Rana told Global News that was the name of the Kolkata

garment firm he marketed in 2013 prior to relocating to Canada.The arrested male’s papa was named in court materials as Sohel Rana. The Ajax businessman told Global Information that was his daddy’s name. The trademark in the court data is also similar to Rana’s. Md. Tarekh Rana said he moved to Canada in 2014. Happiness’s existing whereabouts are unknown. His picture shows up on the Interpol web site, where he is noted as wanted for murder and also possession of explosives. He is additionally on the most

needed listing of the Bangladesh Authorities.

“The subject decidedly tops the list of one of the most wanted fugitives who are either billed with or convicted of significant crimes,”Mohiul Islam, Assistant Assessor General of the Bangladesh Police, told Worldwide News.A checklist of the costs he encounters includes

3 murders, two attempted murders, creating severe hurt by dangerous tools as well as putting persons in anxiety of injury to devote extortion, the policeman said.Approached at his Ajax office, Rana acknowledged he resembled the fugitive as well as disclosed that the RCMP had actually increased the exact same worry. He refuted he was Pleasure.”I’m not this individual,”he responded, when revealed the Interpol picture of the desired man.Rana has because left the country. He stated he remained in India securing cash for his Ajax

organisation as well as would go back to Canada on Nov. 28, but there is no sign he has actually come back.Legal notifications on his workplace door implicate him of having actually fallen short to pay his rent, as well as those who have loaned him cash are concerned.” Everyone trusted him,”claimed one Canadian that understands him.In his feedbacks to

Global Information, Rana said he was an Indian person, while Pleasure is Bangladeshi. He also claimed he was taller than Pleasure, and was hospitalized following leg-shortening surgeries at the time the supposed criminal offense manager was arrested.He stated he had actually received a tidy criminal document check from cops in Kolkata as part of his present application to become an irreversible

local of Canada.” If I would be detained exactly how would I get it ??”He stated he recognized absolutely nothing about the fugitive except that he had actually run away from Bangladesh and also had actually made Rana’s life difficult. Nor did he know anything regarding the criminal activity team Joy had supposedly headed.” What is Seven Star?”he asked.The 7 Celebrity Team of Bangladesh Seven

Celebrity is a violent extortion ring developed in Bangladesh in the ’90s. Its members purportedly targeted companies in the resources Dhaka. For a while, they selected overseas work recruiting agencies.Joy would

purportedly speak to the service proprietors to demand money. If they didn’t compensate, his supposed partners would come by, often with weapons. A handful of shootings and killings were linked to the group.In 2000, Pleasure was detained after presumably positioning as the son of

the prime preacher and also demanding”tolls”from business. Bangladesh Authorities stated he was likewise billed that year with murder and also assault with a weapon.He apparently left Bangladesh for Malaysia in 2001. By 2003, The Daily Celebrity was reporting he was in India.

When Bangladesh Authorities released a poster of its 23 most desired criminal activity numbers, Happiness was included prominently.Khandekar Tanvirul Islam”Pleasure “was listed as one of the 23 most wanted by Bangladesh Authorities. Among the situations Bangladesh Authorities said Joy is wanted for is a bloody case on May 14, 2006. Calling from Singapore, he purportedly demanded 50 million Bangladeshi taka [approximately$800,000 in Canadian bucks] from work recruiter Turki Affiliate Ltd., however the owner declined to pay.Gunmen later opened fire at the Turki Associate office in Dhaka. Six were shot as well as two passed away. Complying with the assault, Pleasure allegedly telephoned once more to require repayment. A pair of Pleasure’s supposed associates were later arrested.Joy is also wanted in link

with the September 2006 murder of Afted Ahmed, a Dhaka University political scientific research teacher, authorities

said.An April 2007 shooting at God Present International Recruiting Firm in Dhaka was additionally linked to Joy, that had actually telephoned the firm from India, demanding 50 million taka, The Daily Celebrity reported. 2 of his alleged affiliates were apprehended and apparently admitted to getting orders from among Happiness’s lieutenants.

“In recent times,”according to The Daily Celebrity,”cops suspected that Happiness’s guys murdered a variety of authorities of workforce recruiting companies for not paying him tolls. He made use of to require Tk 5 crore [50 million taka] from recruiting firms calling from Kolkata, Malaysia as well as Singapore. “The Indian authorities examination At 6:45 p.m. on March 17, 2007, cops arrested six Bangladeshi guys at the Kasba Petrol Pump in Kolkata, the capital of India’s West Bengal state.The police officers were acting on “secret and qualified resource info,”a police report said. 3 dubious passports were found during the apprehension.”On being interrogated all the Bangladeshi nationwide [

s] admitted that they had actually obtained these passports illegally,”the authorities record reads.”On more examinations all the above noted Bangladeshi nationals admitted they had actually gotten in India with no legitimate files and also authority and with a clandestine course,”according to the authorities records.But that wasn’t all they told police.Locals said this building inBaniara, Bangladesh was the household home of Khandekar

Tanvirul Islam. They additionally revealed that the “Seven Star Militant Clothing “leader was in the city and also had actually taken “sanctuary with the support of forged papers,” according to court records.Indian cops made their proceed May 5, 2017, according to court and also cops records. When they reached his residence, however, they located a guy recovering from arthritis-related leg surgical procedure and also incapable to walk.Police arrested him however took him to a hospital. A judge purchased him brought on trial once physicians pronounced him all right

. A record by West Bengal Police said “severe incriminating materials”sustained the allegations versus him.The arrest was extensively reported in the Indian and Bangladeshi press. The Daily Star reported on Might 8 that Bangladesh had sent a letter to India’s international

ministry requesting Happiness’s handover. The tale called him a” dreadful crime lord.” “Holding an Indian ticket, Joy

was posing as Tarique Rana Delight, a fabric trader in Kolkata for the last one and a fifty percent years,” reported, estimating an unrevealed Indian police source.Three months later, the suspect’s legal representatives submitted a petition in the Calcutta High Court claiming he was”definitely innocent”and also had been falsely linked “as a result of some grudge.” Urging he was a tax-paying Indian garment dealer, he offered the court papers that identified him as Md. Tarekh Rana, the owner of Gaus Style and Zee Fashion. The data did not cover the duration prior to 2004. He additionally filed an Indian driver’s permit issued in 2004 in the name Tarekh Rana, and an Indian passport provided in 2005 that showed visits to Singapore as well as exchanges of U.S. dollars to Thai, Malaysian as well as Singaporean currencies.His attorneys argued he was being wrongfully restrained due to the fact that he had actually never been created prior to a judge. The court dismissed the disagreement, ruling he could not be arraigned due to the fact that he was hospitalized.Documents filed in the Calcutta High Court in a situation submitted by a man who claims he was Md. Tarekh Rana and also was detained on allegations he was a fugitive criminal activity leader. Global News was unable to discover any record of what occurred to the

situation. There is no sign he was ever before founded guilty. An Indian lawyer claimed he had actually stood for Pleasure over a “civils rights offense “and also an apprehension was overturned.An Indian law enforcement officer who worked with the situation claimed Pleasure had admitted however was released as well as left the country. The Times of India reported he was released in June 2008 as well as went missing out on in December, prompting his household at fault police.A decade later on, Bangladesh Police found out that Joy had obtained an Indian passport

under the “pseudonym Tarek Rana”as well as made his way to Australia, according to Aide Assessor General Islam.Police asked Australian authorities to locate him yet received a reply from Canberra indicating that”there was no trace of access by the subject to Australia,”

Islam said.The Times of India reported in 2012 that Joy was”now in Canada.”To Canada for love”I pertained to Canada chasing the love of my heart,”Rana was quoted as saying in the magazine Millionaire State of mind, which wrote that a woman he fulfilled

in Kolkata had actually arrived to Toronto as well as he followed her.(Rana refuted providing an interview to Millionaire Frame of mind, yet the author of the write-up claimed he had actually talked to Rana at his workplace and also

had his notes as proof. )Rana told Global Information he initially checked out Toronto in 2011, after recouping from his leg-shortening surgical treatments in Kolkata and dealing with “tasks”in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.He claimed he then returned to India as well as related to come back to Canada as an immigrant investor but was declined due to his absence of official education and learning. He then obtained a 10-year-visitor visa, he said.Although only in Canada as a visitor, Rana began putting down roots in Durham Area. He purchased a house in Pickering and also launched a company, taking on a company motto brimming with optimism:”You dream it, we construct it!”Md. Tarekh Rana at the workplace of his Ajax organisation SJ71Ltd. Ontario company records show SJ71 Ltd. was registered with the provincial government on Feb. 21, 2013 by two supervisors, Rana and also Shohana Ajmee.Ajmee told Global News she never ever agreed to get on the SJ71 board of supervisors. When she figured out, she claimed she confronted Rana about it and also he concurred to replace her.The directorship served a sensible purpose: Ontario companies should contend

least one board member that is a resident of Canada. As a visitor, Rana would certainly not have qualified, but Ajmee did.Records reveal that Ajmee was replaced in 2014 by a business owner who had when looked for a government Liberal nomination. Rana did not respond to inquiries concerning Ajmee.Rana stated his difficulties with Canadian authorities started in 2015. Returning from a location wedding celebration in Mexico,

he was drawn apart and examined by immigration police officers concerning his likeness to Happiness, he claimed. When he looked for a work permit the next year, he found himself under RCMP analysis. “They took my face recognization, they took my fingerprint, whatever,”he said.For help safeguarding his job license, Rana resorted to the office of the Liberal MP for Ajax, Mark Holland. “Our workplace performed typical queries for this component, as we would for any type of component asking for such a query,”stated Holland’s speaker, Michael Radoslav. “Neither MP Holland nor does his workplace team have any expertise of Rana’s past before showing up in Canada, and no expertise of anything apart from his job permit application as well as relevant queries into that

documents with Immigration Evacuee and also Citizenship Canada.”Rana and also Holland have actually shown up in numerous pictures with each other at occasions and also at the SJ71 office, yet the MP’s spokesperson said they had no individual partnership and also Rana had never ever played any type of duty in the Liberal riding organization or campaigns.Two days before the October 2019 government election, Rana posted a photo on

Facebook revealing Holland’s campaign poster.”Elect Mark Holland(Ideal MP of Canada ),”read the post.From Entrusted to Right: Ajax Mayor Shaun Collier, Md. Tarekh Rana, Ajax councillor Ashmeed Khan, Liberal MP Mark Holland, as well as an unidentified man. Pictures on social media sites also reveal Rana at the Brampton office of Liberal MP Ruby Sahota in July 2018. In an August 2018 photo, Rana is seen standing beside Sahota at a fundraising gala.Elections Canada records show that Sahota’s Brampton North Federal Liberal Association received a$356 donation from an Md. Rana in July 2018. The postcode of the benefactor matches that of the SJ71 office in Ajax.That exact same month, Rana composed on Facebook that he was” not [a] permanent resident of Canada yet.”Under federal political elections legislation, only Canadian residents or irreversible citizens can add to parties.The Liberal event said it just approved payments from contributors who made an affirmation validating they are people or permanent locals. Sahota’s office stated both never ever gone over Rana’s migration status and the money would be returned.Records additionally show a$1,500 donation to the federal NDP in October 2015 from an Md. Rana with the very same Pickering location code as Rana’s house. The NDP claimed benefactors must verify they are residents or permanent residents.Rana did not reply to questions regarding the donations.Md. Tarekh Rana, right, with Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, when he was Priest of Immigration. While he was still attempting to protect

a work permit, Rana was photographed in 2018 with Canada’s Priest of Immigration at the time, Ahmed Hussen. The Liberal MP’s office claimed the preacher referred those that approached him to their regional MPs and also did not go over individual cases.In May 2018, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, then the Liberal MP for Whitby, published an image of Rana on Twitter. Caesar-Chavannes has actually since left government national politics and also claimed she had just presented for photos with Rana

when they satisfied at events.Rana can likewise be seen with greater than a half-dozen Conservative and Liberal Ontario MPPs as well as closet priests, and also pictures

on social media sites reveal what is referred to as his 2016 check out to the workplace of the premier.Provincial documents reveal a$ 357 contribution to the Ontario Liberal Event in Ajax in 2018 by a Tarekh Rana.

Ontario law does not require donors to provincial events be residents or permanent residents of Canada.Community booster, benefactor, political benefactor In incredibly short order, Rana obtained a reputation as Mr. Ajax, a male on a goal to bring financial investment and also tasks to fast-growing Durham, which he believed had untapped potential.Those who befriended him located him simple and also generous.His business funded Canadian Eastern Style Week, and the Durham Caribbean Festival. He offered extra-large cheques standing for$10,000 and also$7,500 donations to the Grandview Children’s Centre.When SJ71 won an honor from the Town of Ajax for the 2nd year running in 2018, the Durham Resident paper released a picture of Rana accepting the plaque from a town official.The community even promoted him on its local web site in March, in a function post that revealed him

with Mayor Shaun Collier. The article, which called Rana a” visionary,”was taken down recently.”Organisation constructs area,” Rana opined in a column promoting his G Centre organisation centre in the local newspaper, which recognized him as an energetic participant of the Ajax-Pickering

Board of Trade.Md. Tarekh Rana’s 2018 Business owner of the Year honor. When Rana was caught over-spending on local political election prospects in Ajax, he begged ignorance, informing the community’s Compliance Audit Board he was unaware of the $5,000 limit.The committee ultimately excused Rana, passing a movement advising he not be charged.”M.D. Tarekh Rana discussed that he was a newcomer to Canada which he had not made any

political payments before 2018, “the board wrote.Meanwhile, photos on Facebook showed Rana with his “good friend”Patrick Brown, the previous Ontario Conservative leader who made an effective 2018 run for mayor of Brampton.The Brampton mayor’s office said Rana had no function in the political election project and had actually not donated to Brown.” The mayor did not acknowledge Mr. Rana in the pictures,” claimed his communications supervisor, Gary Collins.The RCMP’s screening examination came to a close last December, when Rana was released a work license, he said. He claimed the RCMP probe was prolonged as well as thorough, and had actually cleared him. His immigration attorney also claimed Rana had actually been gotten rid of.” This job authorization took 2-1/2 years,”Rana said.The RCMP, Migration,Refugees as well as Citizenship Canada, the Canada Boundary Services

Agency as well as Durham Cops declined to discuss Rana’s situation. “It’s a sensitive concern as well as I’m facing issue, “Rana said.He said if he truly had a criminal history,

he can have made a refugee claim in Canada”which would certainly be so simple,”yet he had refrained from doing so. He said he had actually spent a”good-looking amount of cash” in Canada, created work and paid taxes. “I’ve been in this neighborhood for 4, 5 years. I’m attempting to do some excellent but I think there are individuals doesn’t like it and also they are behind me as well as thinking of all this tale, “he stated.” However I do not know whom responsible. I have been below five, six years.

I am trying my level ideal day as well as night, “he added. “But I truly battle for 2-1/2 years since my face looks comparable to this guy. “”It’s a very comparable face.”