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No one wants a Taylor Swift career-retrospective AMA performance that is composed entirely of tracks off Enthusiast and also a couple of, uh, stirring bars from “Attractive Ghosts.” However as we learned from Taylor’s Notes-app statement yesterday, tag executives Mobility scooter Braun as well as Scott Borchetta are barring her from performing pre- Lover tracks for her Artist of the Years Honor approval medley. As Swift described, Borchetta as well as Braun declare the telecasted efficiency “would certainly be re-recording my songs before I’m permitted to next year.” Braun and Borchetta have actually likewise extended their control of her pre-Fan discography to holding up a prepared Netflix docudrama about Swift. Now, good friends, followers, and allies alike are articulating their support for Swift’s right to do her own songs.

Selena Gomez wrote an entire essay of assistance on her Instagram Stories. Selena Gomez revealed her support as well as love to Taylor Swift! #IStandWithTaylor

pic.twitter.com/Ybt33Ya94v!.?.!— Taylor Swift Truths (@blessedswifty)

Tinashe voiced her articulated. Fuck that. We’re with you– TINASHE(@Tinashe) Gigi Hadid vomitted prayer hands. Scott and also Scooter, you understand what the best thing to do is Taylor and also her followers

deserve to commemorate the songs!!– Gigi Hadid (@GiGiHadid
) Halsey lip-synced to the favorably billed lyrics of”Mean.” halsey popping off on taylor’s part and then vocal singing along to suggest, the huge prick power this

has #IStandWithTaylor pic.twitter.com/G7CzhCuqbx!.?.!— amz|IStandWithTaylor(@falsegodtae) And also slammed Braun as well as Borchetta’s spitefulness. Lily Allen called out the entire industry. Uniformity with Taylor below, this seems terrible, as well as people ask yourself why songs hasn’t had its #MeToo minute? https://t.co/lqfRVfhDYK!.?.!— LILY ALLEN 2.0 (@lilyallen) Certainly Perez Hilton went directly to doxing. Would my twitter account be put on hold if I share Scooter’s telephone number or e-mail address????– Perez(@ThePerezHilton) And also Swift’s good friend and also partner Todrick Hall uploaded a multipart Insta Story. IG|Todrick Hall through Instagram tales–“This makes me soooo angry”#WeStandWithTaylor pic.twitter.com/X9PsO599f2!.?.!— Taylor Swift News(@TSwiftNZ) Ruby Rose made it very clear that it’s NOT alright actions on Braun and Borchetta’s component. Ruby Rose on Instagram #IStandWithTaylor pic.twitter.com/dIj72QyNoL!.?.!— A (@theswiftone13 ) Camila Cabello revealed assistance for T.Swift also. Martha Quest protected Tay absolutely. Taylor does not deserve for a person who has actually continuously HARASSED her to OWN THE LEGAL RIGHTS to her blood, sweat,+tears. It’s not the dark ages -musicians shouldn’t be

held back, and I could not be prouder of my pal for

standing up for what’s right. End of story.– Martha Hunt (@MarthaHunt)< p course =" clay-paragraph"data-editable="text" data-uri ="www.vulture.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/[email protected] "data-word-count="7" > And also Iggy Azalea tweeted her support, too. I believe from

what I can see; it’s even more concerning the reality they really did not

even give her the opportunity to at the very least quote on her very own masters; when she’s made it well-known she intended to buy. I can entirely recognize where she’s coming from.– IGGY AZALEA #LOLA( @IGGYAZALEA ) Meanwhile, Sia strongly put herself beyond of Swifties: You’re an excellent kind man @scooterbraun I wish this passes quickly.I love you maintain going.– sia (@Sia ) Considering that the #IStandWithTaylor support came gathering, Big Equipment Records spoke out denying Swift’s claims that it obstructed her ability to perform live, claiming that she owes its team millions which”Taylor, the story you have produced does not exist.”< p course="clay-paragraph "data-editable=" message"data-uri=" www.vulture.com/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/[email protected]

” data-word-count=”45″ > Update, November 15, 5 p.m.: Possibly Mobility scooter Braun’s highest-profile defender, Justin Bieber, has actually chimed in on the debate, publishing a TMZ short article saying Swift can play any music she selects at the AMAs. As well as followed it up with a photo of his cat, no less!