At last, the wait is over! Khloe, the Jack Russel Terrier who became famous for her beautiful maternity photos is now a certified mom of 5 puppies.

Her furmom, Caitlyn Snyman, an animal photographer, made the announcement on Facebook.

“Khloe has 5 healthy babies! 3 girls and 2 boys. All are identically marked like her except one boy is covered in spots. I’ll post photos and applications by Friday for anyone interested in getting on the list.

Apparently, she started whelping at around 6pm Feb 16th and the first was born at 1AM. The last was born at 3AM. She did a great job and is the absolute best mommy!”

In another post, Caitlyn said that she had no sleep but everything was worth it. She described Khloe as a loving mom to her puppies. Her delivery was smooth and she had no problem. Originally, she expected 4 puppies but was surprised to see a 5th one.

“The 5th little girl was a surprise but a welcomed one .”

She then uploaded a photo of Khloe laying in her doggy box with the puppies feeding on her.

Khloe’s fans who had been anxiously waiting for days posted their warm greetings.

“Oh my gosh they are so beautiful just like their mommy & daddy. Congratulations Khloe! You did so good. Such a good mama!!!”

“Today is my 50th birthday and I love the fact that I’ve been following Khloe and her babies were born on my birthday. Congratulations!”

Khloe is a 4-year-old purebred Jack Russell Terrier measuring only 8 inches tall. Her furmom said she has a calm and loving personality and  she is incredibly smart too. She learned almost all her commands in one night. She likes going to the horse barn and watching horse shows.

She stole the spotlight when her mom made her a maternity shoot whereby the photos captured netizens and media outlets worldwide.

Congratulations, Khloe, as well as to your awesome furmom!

Here is a glimpse of the new mama dog here. They’re simply adorable!