The season premiere of the TELEVISION program black-ish featured this Schoolhouse Rock!-influenced history lesson concerning the closing of enslavement in America. That alone would certainly be cool however they went the extra mile and produced computer animated versions of The Roots to tell the tale. It’s actually well done as well as fairly poignant.

Sing along … to the song of “I’m just an expense” (lyrics cribbed from the YouTube comment’s section):

Yes, I’m just a slave

They’ll position my body in an unmarked grave

It’s kinda tough to raise every voice vocal singing

While worrying regarding just how reduced the sweet chariots are turning

I wish and also hope that they don’t kill me today

I am a servant in the house of the take on

If I fidget or the tiniest little bit nervous

In the presence of the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, or British

They kept me in colonial chains

Inform me how to persuade them to cool

Or to conserve me as well as still I’m a servant

Go on, jump into Juneteenth rabbit opening.