On this Inauguration Day, the clothes were not quiet. 

As the world had their eyes glued on America’s historic day on Wednesday, Jan. 20, it was hard not to notice the fashion that came along with it. From Vice President Kamala Harris vibrant purple ensemble to the sizable brooch adorned over the bust of performer Lady Gaga, the sartorial statements were sprinkled not so subtly throughout the milestone event. 

From brand decisions to purposeful accessories, much goes into picking an outfit for such a monumental public occasion, especially one being broadcast around the world and documented in photos, tweets and the like for decades to come. 

So of course, with much to take in on this tremendous milestone, it’s possible you might have missed some of these meaningful style details—and that’s where we come in. Whether it was a mask adorned with a message or Bernie Sanders‘ mittens, E! News has a breakdown of the fashion you need to see and the stories behind it all.