Theresa Caputo has been channeling spirit for as long as she can remember. It didn’t take long for her gift to make her a megastar, and she’s read plenty of celebrities over the years. It looks like Season 9 of the hit reality series will feature some big-time clients for the star.

When speaking with recently, Theresa named some of the big celebrities who will appear on Season 9. She also discussed what each of the readings were like for her.

“They are all different but things that I never had before. Taylor Dayne’s experience was so unique. Wayne Brady was amazing. Louie Anderson was so emotional. The things that came out, even I was like what? I get shocked every single time I channel spirit. Every single time,” the mother-of-two said.

Theresa admitted that she enjoys reading celebrities just as much as her everyday clients. She went on to say that anyone who wants to connect with spirit and wants to listen to her use her gift is a joy for her.

“People ask me all the time: ‘Who is your favorite celebrity? What is your most memorable reading?’ And honestly, I have to say first of all, anyone that wants me to share my gift with them I consider it an honor and a privilege,” said Theresa.

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On Season 9, Theresa will also read several other celebrities — including Tatum O’Neal, Michael Fishman, Bronson Pinchot, Arie & Lauren Luyendyk, Kate Flannery and Reginald VelJohnson.

Something that has never happened before on Long Island Medium will also take place this season. The same spirit emerges at two different readings, completely and utterly shocking Theresa. The two readings are unrelated, but fans will have to watch the rest of the season to find out why this spirit showed up more than once.


Season 9 will also see Theresa, who looks better than ever, go wedding dress shopping with her daughter, Victoria Caputo. Naturally, a spirit tries to connect with the mother while engaging in this special day with her daughter. In true TLC fashion, Theresa will take Victoria to shop at Kleinfeld’s in New York City — the home of the popular TV series Say Yes to the Dress.

One lucky fan will also have the chance to win a reading with Theresa. Stay tuned to the show to find out how to win a reading with the medium.

Long Island Medium Season 9 airs every Friday night at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.