Right here’s your following design icon– TWICE’s Jeongyeon!.?. !! Look into some of her ideal laid-back fashion looks listed below that will certainly motivate your following ‘fit.

1. She understands just how to layer her outfits.

Plaid sleeves sticking out of her coat, gym socks drew over her pant legs, it’s all simply– * chef’s kiss. *

2. She isn’t terrified to course it up.

The Chief Executive Officer Jeongyeon feelings are solid in this matching collection. The flower print and also GUCCI belt offer the ideal complements to this posh look.

3. The elaborate information make whatever a lot more outstanding.

She sets a comfortable orange sweatshirt with a tight t shirt’s blue-collar standing out– A real comparison in every feeling of the word.

4. Her outfits contain points you most likely never ever considered putting together.

Jeongyeon takes fashion to the next degree by pressing the borders like she did right here with a sports jacket and spandex shorts.

5. She sticks to a style.

Selecting just items in black or dark gray, she develops a cohesive appearance.

6. Simply go for all one color.

Solid black is so “Jeongyeon,” but white or beige are great choices too.

7. She does not adhere to one style as well as tries loads of passionate appearances.

The gothic street design influence is kept in mind and also appreciated.

8. “Equip” is her middle name.

Take a look at the combo of her badass cross earrings as well as belt with silver grommets.

9. Think outside package.

Edgy Jeongyeon does not generally grab overalls, yet she made it her own with some chunky sandals as well as a trendy bag.

10. When she’s laid-back, she’s still charming.

Joggers and sneakers are incredibly practical for flight terminals (as well as absolutely the most comfy combo in the world).

11. She finds various usages for pieces.

This large shirt has tons of methods to be used and also certainly works in her outfit as a layering piece.

12. A tee shirt and also jeans does not need to be basic.

By putting in her V-neck tee shirt, including a visuals clutch, as well as tossing on some trendy shoes, she adds a few of her personality to the general feeling of the clothing.

13. Including some “boyish” items adds some side.

A baseball hat or a structured layer gives an obvious girl crush appeal to her appearance.

14. Integrating basics sometimes makes the least standard outfit.

With a comfy cardigan, ordinary V-neck shirt, as well as skinny jeans, you can create the ultimate go-to look that’s just cute sufficient.

15. She selects a prime focus.

She showcases this jeans coat as the highlight of her clothing by pairing it with a strong black look.