The fashion world has a thing for nostalgia. Many of todays trends are reinterpretations, if not outright replications of styles that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Those oversized shoulders, power suits, puff-sleeve blouses, prairie dresses, and pleated trousers that everyone is wearing right now? They’re all straight out of the 80s playbook. And evidence of the current obsession with all things 90s is even more extensive: Square-toe shoes, slip dresses, bike shorts, baguette bags, and tiny sunglasses are just a few of the fashion trends from the ’80s and ’90s trends that have made a triumphant return in recent seasons.

If you dig a little deeper through the archive of celebrity looks, runway moments, and your own personal style memories, there are plenty of old-school revivals that are ripe for a comeback. From close-fitting tailored vests to stirrup pants, leather fisherman sandals, and chunky gold pearl earrings, certain vintage looks havent yet been resurrected to the modern mainstream, but totally should (and most likely will soon enough). Keep scrolling to get ahead of the curve and rediscover some of these pre-Y2K styles that you completely forgot you loved.

Pastel Metallic Leather

With leather returning to the fashion landscape in such a big way lately, its only a matter of time before the frosted pastel iterations from the 90s show up on the scene.

Scrunched Socks & Sneakers

Sporty sneakers made their return seasons ago, but this particular way of wearing them was huge in the eighties and early nineties, and something you havent seen enough of in 2019.

Chunky Pearl Earrings

Princess Diana is the ultimate style icon of the 80s and 90s, and her signature chunky gold and pearl studs are ripe for a resurgence, especially in light of the recent popularity of chunky gold jewelry and polished pearl pieces.

Tailored Vests

Unlike the boxy, oversized blazers that are so trendy this fall, these vests are more form-fitting and tailored, such that one could easily be worn alone as a top when not layered over a turtleneck or prim pussybow blouse.

Fisherman Sandals

You probably best remember this style as it was done by Dr. Martens all chunky-soled and well-worn. After tapping dry the square-toe and ultra-strappy looks over the last year, woven leather fisherman styles seem like the logical choice for the next 90s sandal obsession.

Sheer Black Pantyhose

Most would agree to keep nude stockings a thing of the past, but sheer black pantyhose might be worth reviving. Once a staple with skirt suits, cocktail dresses, and even more casual styles (Rachel Green wore them with everything from mini skirts and LBDs, to fitted shorts and her coffeehouse apron), theres a sultry vibe they add that feels more stylized than bare legs but less covered-up and gamine than opaque tights.

Sailor Collars

Consider this the next stage in the evolution of vintage necklines following the recently trendy prairie style. Instead of ruffled yokes and frilly shoulders, this type of collar is simpler, often squared off, with a distinctly nautical vibe.

Statement Belts

Minimalism has its time and place, but were seeing maximalist motifs creep in more and more especially when it comes to accessories. Big statement cinchers and chunky chain link belts are the perfect options for adding extra oomph around the waist of that sleek menswear blazer or those high-rise slouchy slacks.


The fabric favored for wedding gowns and prom dresses in the 1980s got a bad rap in the decades since, but theres more to taffeta than those stiff, shiny dresses that haunt your family photo albums. Maxi skirts, tent dresses, and puff-sleeve styles are all currently popular silhouettes that would work well in a voluminous textile like taffeta.


Weve seen bucket hats make a comeback but where are the berets? The equally iconic headwear style is an elegant and sophisticated alternative to the bucket, and infinitely more suited to fall wear.

Stirrup Pants

Sometimes its the simplest detail that makes a style feel of a particular era. A normal pair of leggings? Nothing special. But add a stirrup strap at the bottom and suddenly were back in an 80s state of mind.

Column Maxi Skirts

Long, straight skirts could be the next 90s minimalist obsession. Keep an eye out for column-style maxis in solid fabrics or small-scale prints, featuring a slit along the side or back seam.

Polo Shirts

Polo tops and rugby shirts are defining elements of retro sportswear. Nail the look in a collared knit thats classic and country club-esque, in a bold solid hue, vintage-inspired argyle, or blocky stripe.

Bold Buttons

This small-detail trend is on the verge of blowing up just look at the Balmain and Gucci runways for proof. Everything from sharp blazers to tweed jackets, tailored dresses, and cardigans are getting the glam treatment with big shiny buttons along the plackets and cuffs.


Sequins went out of vogue when a more simplistic aesthetic took rise, but the return of everything 80s means a renewed appreciation for a bit of flashy glitz. Give your going-out attire the glamour its been missing with a sparkly jacket or bedazzled frock.

Big Bow Accents

Nothing conjures a throwback vibe quite like a well-placed oversized bow be it on the shoulder or waist of a party dress, atop a pair of statement heels, or worn as a big, bold hair accessory.

Pleated Jeans

Move over, mom jeans. The next generation of vintage jeans is going to be blouson pleated denim. Whether acid wash or dark rinse, peg-legged or wide and baggy, pick a pair with darts at the waistband to get a jump on this inevitable fashion revival.

Knee Socks

90s schoolgirl style wouldnt be complete without a pair of preppy knee-socks. Theyre an ideal match for the chunky loafers and platform Mary Janes that every influencer is wearing this season.