Kyle Williams and Jim Kelly were there too!

There was a wedding during halftime of the Bills’ game on Sunday and nobody got put through a table. Normally I’m against any nuptial-based activity in public, but I dunno — there’s something kind of sweet in this.

There’s a wedding going on in Buffalo during halftime. And yes, that is Kyle Williams in the middle.

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) September 29, 2019

The bride was given away by Jim Kelly, there was a Zubaz-themed altar — I’m here for all of it. But how did this couple manage to arrange everything for such an elaborate midfield wedding, complete with Bills’ legends there to make the day better?

It was a contest the Bills held during the summer, with 1,400 couples applying to hold their wedding during halftime. Mackenzie Park and Jordan Binggeli got the call a few months ago that they were the winners, and it came 11 years after their first date — which was at a Bills game.

This is a genius first date idea. On any given Sunday there is nowhere sadder in Buffalo than a Bills game. If you plan to see the Bills then go out to dinner you are guaranteed to have a better time with the person one-on-one than you did at the game. It’s like eating a bowl of ice cream after a street turd — it’s naturally going to taste better.

Anyway, Jim Kelly gave the bride away — because the Bills went all out.

Jim Kelly gave the bride

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) September 29, 2019

Let me explain why I think this is great: The entire wedding process is a mess. You have stress organizing the thing, anxiety about money, freaking out that everything won’t be perfect for your guests on a day when, honestly, 95 percent of them only come due to obligation. Who needs all that? If you can win a possibly embarrassing public wedding, then you jump on that opportunity and never look back.

Nobody really remembers weddings anyway. You know the No.1 thing I hear from friends after they get married? “It was nice, but I wish we hadn’t spent so much money.” These geniuses got a wedding, rings, the whole shabang for free — and you’re never going to forget this because you’ll always be “the couple who got married at the Bills game.”

Nobody should ever propose at a public event because it’s cruel and doesn’t give your significant other a chance to say no without causing a scene. A wedding, however, I love it. It’s great. Live your best lives Mackenzie and Jordan — you definitely played the wedding game and won.

Still a little upset nobody jumped off an RV through a cake, but there’s still time.