EXO is truly one of the best K-pop groups in history! Aside from their recognition in the music industry, their individual success as musicians, singers, building-owners and million-sellers, EXO members are also dominating the fashion world! 

From starting with the smallest brand deals as a group, they slowly claim the trust of people and the market, to the point that everything that they are endorsing can be sold out in a minute! 

As the years go by, EXO members are also gaining attention from international brands that currently, several members of the K-pop groups are amazingly luxury brand representatives and ambassadors now! 

Kai, the main dancer of EXO is the first-ever Korean and idol that became Gucci’s Global ambassador! With his visual and appeal that captures the attention of the international audience, Kai was frequently seen on Gucci’s event front row and is also referred to as “Human Gucci” for always appearing in public with Gucci items before becoming the luxury brand model and ambassador. 


(Photo : Harpers Bazaar)
(Photo : Harpers Bazaar)

The million-seller idol is also gracing his visual and goodness as the new Ambassador of Burberry Korea! On Thursday, the idol flaunts apparel and items from the brand, as he posed for Harpers Bazaar October Issue. 

(Photo : Pasha De Cartier)

The maknae of the group is also leading as the representative of Berluti Korea Music and Cartier Korea campaign model. Along with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Got7’s Jackson, Sehun will take part in the upcoming digital project of the brand for Pasha de Cartier.

(Photo : Gracia)

The leader of EXO also features his elegance and handsome visual during the high-end jewelry brand BVLGARI event. Suho, alongside BLACKPINK Lisa, are the Korean representatives of BVLGARI. 

(Photo : Vogue Korea)

One of EXO’s visuals and main rapper, Chanyeol is the newly selected Ambassador of Prada Korea! Along with Red Velvet Irene, the two were endorsed through Vogue Korea where the two SM Entertainment artists, posed for F/W Season Campaign 2020 of the magazine. 


(Photo : QQ)
(Photo : Valentino)

The K-pop and Chinese artist is not only a mentor, company CEO, actor, but he’s also slaying in the fashion industry by being the first Chinese representative of Valentino. The high-end brand express that they chose the idol due to his limitless talent, influence around the world, and his sense of fashion. 

K-netizens and fans are expressing their happiness with how EXO is continuously showing their dominance in the fashion luxury brands. According to a netizen, some of the factors why EXO are loved are because of their good bodies, flawless and natural appearances in photoshoots, good reputation, and humble personalities despite being at the peak of their careers.

On the other hand, fans particularly EXO-Ls (fandom of EXO) are anticipating their upcoming projects and they can’t wait to see all of the members including D.O, Xiumin, and Chen to become representative of high-end brands that will suit their images, too. 

Nevertheless, before this, fans are still hoping that the group will have a 2020 comeback.