Who said money is not good? Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite Nigerian celebrities looked like before they became famous? Sorry to burst your bubble, but most of your “perfect” looking favourite celebrities weren’t glittering as they are now before they gained fame.

In fact, most of the celebrities your so much adore today came from very poor backgrounds and wasn’t living a life of abundance before now. Taking the life of Patoranking for an example of such celebrities, the singer at some point quit school due to financial difficulties and moved from Cape Coast to Accra where he spent most nights on the streets of Osu for survival. According to Patoranking in one of his interviews, ‘Nothing to Something’ was the chronicle of his life. He had lived in a one room apartment and sold rat killer in traffics. He also was once a bricklayer and dabbled into so many things to achieve his dreams.

What about the life of Mercy Johnson? Mercy Johnson had once shared the story of how she and her family suffered in the past. The actress revealed that sometimes when she cries on set, its because she remembers how she started. According to her, her family once moved into an uncompleted building, where they lived with lizards and when rain fell they had to take cover.

I hope the stories of Patoranking and that of Mercy Johnson would make you realise that you too can one day live the life of your dreams if you keep pushing towards achieving greatness.