We are back with the 10 most viral videos of TikTok for your weekend delight. The Chinese video-sharing app has millions of users making content and therefore it has become a gold mine for some of the most hilarious and relatable content.

However, with Diwali right around the corner, this time the videos had a festive touch to them.

With the Delhi air quality deteriorating every minute, we should avoid bursting crackers altogether this year, however, this video depicts every person who is scared of bursting crackers but really wants to.

Bengali actress and politician Mimi Chakraborty also took to the app to wish her followers a very Happy Diwali with an adorable video.

The next video made us believe that humanity still exists. The video shows a thirsty calf standing near a handpump and drinking water near a temple while the people around move the lever up and down so that the calf can drink.

Saree videos are also trending on TikTok right now and this video of two women showing some kickass moves in the nine-yard is simply mesmerising. Have a look.

The next video is a real rib-tickler. The video is set in a barbershop where a man walks in asking for a haircut. He then gets a call and has to leave immediately. As he is about to go, he tells the barber to continue with the haircut and he will just come back. Watch what happens next.

BJP politician, Sonali Phogat is a big celebrity on the Chinese video-sharing app. She keeps uploading videos of herself mimicking songs and famous dialogues from movies. Have a look.

Recently Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui also joined TikTok and his first video on the app is of him eating a laddoo. Diwali spirit in full swing.

The next video is one of the greatest practical jokes that we have seen lately.

The ninth video just blew our minds away. Watch it here and know why.

The last video gives a very important message. As a person just casually throws the packet of chips on the road after eating, another person comes in the frame and makes him pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. If all of us started taking steps like these, conditions would change really quickly.