Below is a list of some hair care routines Korean celebrities regularly do to keep their locks flowing all the time beautifully.

Blow Dry Your Hair Before Going To Bed

Many of us may have heard our moms say to not sleep with our hair wet. There are two reasons for this: hair is very delicate when damp so sleeping directly after washing your hair may cause split ends and breakage; wet hair is prone to bacteria.

One of the celebrities who makes sure her hair is dry before sleeping is Korean actress Park Shin Hye.

2. Using The Right Shampoo

Girl’s Day Yura considers choosing the right shampoo as an essential hair tip that she always keeps in mind. She said that it could help treat the dryness, protect the color, and even adds volume to the hair. Yura also revealed that she follows a well-rounded haircare routine to provide what her hair needs.

Take note that using the wrong shampoo can immensely damage your scalp.

3. Hair Treatment

NCT 127 has often had members changing the color of their hair, such as blue, white, and pink. Bleaching the hair can cause damage. In an interview, NCT 127 members said that “hair treatment” is what keeps their hair looking healthy after dyeing it for how many times.

4. Pampering the Hair With a Mask

Like our skin, our hair should also be pampered, and what it needs is a hair mask, which CL usually uses. She would leave her locks in a hair mask once a week to retain its health and shine.

5. Rinsing with Water + Oil

Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye recommends a mixture of water and hair oil when washing the hair as it can help maintain the glow and natural volume. Also, the concoction can treat an oily scalp and split ends.

6. Wig Investment

Sandara Park suggests that rather than trying chemical methods and expensive styling to transform her look, she only makes use of wigs. This way, she would be able to give her hair a makeover without damaging her hair.

7. Use Cool Air for Drying Hair

Song Hye Kyo reveals that she prefers to use cool air when drying or styling her locks. Specifically, the queen of K-drama employs the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, which you can adjust the temperature, to attain a gorgeous and sleek hairdo all the time.

8. Apply Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil is Uee’s (Kim Yu Jin) secret to achieving super smooth and glossy hair. The actress would apply it on the ends of her hair every day to make sure that it remains radiant and soft.

How do you maintain the health and beauty of your hair? Leave your comments below.