Celebrities are known for flaunting their wealth and personal belongings, and vehicles are often at the top of this list. Not every celebrity has a high-priced collection like George Foreman and Jay Leno do, but most celebrities have at least one nice vehicle. The classic car market has been exploding in the past two decades with the rise of reality TV shows related to classic vehicles.

It has become a right of passage to own a customized or restored vehicle. Internet stars like the Jenner sisters are known for driving around in a custom ’68 Camaro. So we’re going to take a look at some of the most notable classic cars that these celebrities enjoy via The News Wheel.

Will Smith
Photo Credit: Autowise

25: 1965 Ford Mustang – Will Smith

Boasting a massive net worth is one thing, but Smith also has a knack for collecting cars. His most notable is one he drives very often – a 1965 Ford Mustang. This particular Mustang has an original, mint condition red paint job. Original to the car is also the interior which has retained most of the charm that made these cars stand out. There are no notable performance upgrades to the car either, even the rims remain the same. Ford sold millions of these Mustangs and it’s the car that firmly cemented the brand loyalty.

1965 Ford Mustang hardtop on display in the Ford Pavilion
Photo Credit: Car and Driver

Smith, like many in his generation, grew up in a time where music and car culture was fused. This was a great time where many of the classics were still affordable, and the star snatched up a clean example of a Mustang. Prices on this generation of the Mustang have started to peak, although still outpaced by the Camaro by quite a bit.

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