Are you worried about the people in your life driving distracted? Are you looking for tangible things that you can do to prevent those people from “teching” and driving? Or are you just trying to think of fun, outside of the box, yet inexpensive things to get them as the holidays roll around?

No matter which of those questions you may have answered “yes” to, we have some awesome cost-friendly, distracted-driver-friendly gift ideas for your people this holiday season! These ideas are great for your spouse, your teens or soon-to-be drivers, or really any friend or loved one. Most importantly, they truly can help in the effort to curb your people’s distracted driving habits.

Top Five Gifts to Give Your Distracted Driver for Christmas

  1. A Car Phone Mount

This perfect stocking stuffer is practical, useful for anyone, and is a gift that would be used every single day. However, it’s something that people don’t typically think of to get for themselves. Car phone mounts are extremely useful when using navigation and driving, as they still allow you to discern where you are going, while remaining alert and keeping both hands on the wheel. Additionally, they provide a steady place for your device so that while driving you can still be racking up your SAFE 2 SAVE points and curbing the temptation to touch your phone.

  1. A Personalized Playlist

Playlists are one of the most thoughtful gifts that you could give. You can personalize a collection of you and your besties’ favorite songs to jam to, songs that remind you of your dad, or songs that you think a friend would enjoy! Regardless of what or who, you can make a playlist for anyone in your life. They’re free to make, yet so fun and personal to the person you are giving it! Playlists are also great because you can press shuffle before you start driving and not have to worry about messing with the music again or touching your phone to pick a new song. You could even make a playlist of fun, upbeat music specifically for the car to keep them awake and alert behind the wheel!

  1. A SAFE 2 SAVE FAM Subscription

Treat your fam to a FAM subscription! FAM is the best way to keep track of where all of your people are and ensure that they have arrived at their location safely, while not having to call/text them and tempt them to answer when driving. Plus, you can do both of these things and simultaneously earn points for safe driving to redeem rewards at your favorite businesses and restaurants. It brings a fun and friendly yet competitive motivation to undistracted driving in your family as you can each compete to be the safest driver! It’s fun for everyone, gives you peace of mind having tabs on your people, saves you money, and most importantly, keeps the people that you love safe.

  1. Audible Subscription

This is another fun, versatile, yet personal thing that you can give to anyone in your life! Who doesn’t love a good audiobook to keep them occupied during a long drive? This also helps take away the temptation to do other things that would take eyes and hands off of the road.

  1. Car Organizer

Don’t you hate fumbling through a messy glove compartment at a red light, looking desperately for something that you know is buried in there somewhere? What about having to blindly throw things into the backseat of your car that are in the way? A handy car organizer for all of the road essentials is so useful and keeps things organized to always know where things are in your car. It is good for everything to have a place, rather than flying around the car and becoming a distraction to the driver!

We wish you luck with your holiday shopping and that you find things that the people in your life LOVE and might even improve their driving habits!

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