Names are normally used to identify a person. In Ghana especially, when naming a child, it is taken into consideration the gender of the child, circumstances surrounding the birth of the child as well as other factors including the day of the week the child was born.

Most Ghanaians bear names indicating the day of the week they were born, which is the first automatic name a child gets immediately after birth before a proper naming ceremony is done for the child. This is a practice that is common among the Akans, who believe this is the name the person’s soul offers him or her and so refer to it as ‘Kradin’ (soul’s name) as well as most ethnic groups in Ghana. It is believed that a child born on a certain day will exhibits traits and characters that is associated with that day.

For instance, a female child born on Sunday will be called Akosua and be expected to show certain characteristics like being patient and helpful.

We have put together a list of Ghanaian celebrities and their ‘local’ day born names based on their date of birth available to us and the public.

Jackie Appiah 
Jackie Appiah was born on 5th December, 1983 which was a Monday- meaning she is Adwoa.

Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas was born on 31st August 1980 which was a Sunday–so she’s Akosua.

Musician-Becca was born on 15th August 1984 which was a Wednesday–so she’s called Akua, although she is refered to as Akosua.

Adjetey Anang
Adjetey Anang was born on 8th July 1973 which was Sunday–so he will be called Akwasi. Remember he’s Ga, so the spelling and pronunciation will be a little different.

Yvonne Neslson
Actress Yvonne Nelson was born on 12th November 1985 which as Tuesday–so she is Abena.

Shirley Frimpong-Manso
Film-maker Shirley Frimpong-Manso was born 16th March 1977 which was Wednesday–so she is called Akua.

John Dumelo
John Dumelo was born on 3rd February 1984 which was Friday–so he’s called Kofi.

Majid Michel
Majid Michel was born on 22nd September 1980 and he was born on Monday–so he’s Kwadwo.

Rapper-E.L was born on June 28, 1983 which was Tuesday–therefore he’s Kwabena. But because he is Ewe, he will probably be called Komla.

Juliet ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim was born March 3, 1986 which was a Monday–so she’s Adwoa.

Naa Ashorkor
Naa Ashorkor was born November 24, 1988 which was Thursday–therefore she’s Yaa.

Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi was born on July 17, 1981 which was Friday–so she’s Afia or Afi because she is a Voltarian.

Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari was born on November 21, 1982 which was Sunday–so she is Akosua.

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson was born on 24 October 1984 which was Wednesday–she’s called Akua.

Van Vicker
Van Vicker was born on 1 August 1977 which was Monday–so he’s Kwadwo.

Menaye Donkor
Menaye Donkor was born on March 20, 1981 which was Friday–so she’s Afia.

Sarkodie was born on July 10, 1985 which was Wednesday–so he’s Kwaku.

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale was born on October 17, 1984 which was Wednesday–he is Kwaku.

Stonebwoy was born on March 5, 1988 which was Saturday–so she’s Kwame.

Bisa Kdei
Bisa Kdei was born on March 19, 1986 which was Wednesday–so he’s Kwaku.

Samini was born on December 22, 1981 which was Tuesday–so he’s Kwabena.

M.anifest was born on November 20, 1982 which was Saturday–so he’s Kwame.

Vivian Jill
Vivian Jill was born on September 11th 1983 which was Sunday–so she’s Akosua.
and last but not the least is-

Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro was born on 25 November 1984 which was a Sunday–so she is called Akosua.


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