CBS All Accessibility just released the first intro for 10-part miniseries The Stand, based on the post-apocalyptic dream novel by Stephen King. In The Stand, teams with opposing suggestions of what culture should be clash following a deadly pandemic, resulting in substantial repercussions for humankind’s future. Guide was originally launched in 1978, yet its styles are unsettlingly relevant to 2020.

The Stand‘s 30-second trailer doesn’t offer away a lot, mainly featuring individuals roaming strangely abandoned roads or experiencing emotional distress. We do obtain a great appearance at Whoopi Goldberg as spiritual leader Abagail Freemantle however, along with Alexander Skarsgård’s supernaturally powered Randall Flagg.

Our world really feels quite grim now, with our very own lethal pandemic, financial recession, racial injustice, and the U.S.’ collapsing democracy. At least no one is rising.

The Stand gets here on CBS All Accessibility on December 17.