Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard co-sponsored the Protect Women’s Sports Act. It’s to prevent biological men from competing against biological women in sports. If you are familiar with how heated the debate can get, you can guess the bill has its critics. The congresswomen released a video over the weekend answering some of those critics. She started with a history of Title IX before getting into the criticisms.

What happens to the bill in the new Congress is anybody’s guess. Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats still hold the majority by a slim margin. I would be surprised if they put this on the floor for a vote, no matter how many moderate Democrats may sign on to it. If nothing else, Gabbard working in a bipartisan fashion could at least start a debate on the issue.

But you do have to wonder how the same side which posts yard signs about “SCIENCE IS REAL” will handle Tulsi Gabbard’s stance. Methinks not well.

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