It seems like lately criminals everywhere are emboldened. Crime is soaring in a lot of liberal-run cities, especially in New York City, and LA, and San Francisco. Much of that is because of the left’s “Defund the Police” insanity and also because groups like BLM have glorified criminals and turned them into “heroes.” Furthermore, if you look at San Francisco, shoplifting is now “okay,” and of course, that breeds a mentality that stealing is perfectly fine, and creates a “let’s see what else we can get away with” attitude.

Now, officials say they will “crackdown” on crime after their policies have forced businesses to shut down. But it’s too late, the genie is already out of the bottle.

And again, criminals are brazen and embolden, and you can see that in places like LA, where a new breed of very BOLD criminal is emerging and they’re targeting celebrities.

But what’s really scary is how they’re doing it.

This new “home invasion plan” that criminal “crews” have cooked up is so wild and so frightening, it feels like it’s straight out of a Hollywood script.

AJC reported that a crew of masked robbers tracked actor and former BET host Terrence Jenkins to his Sherman Oaks home early Wednesday and attempted to block him in with an SUV, but he was able to flee in his car as shots were fired. Authorities say it’s the latest in a series of robberies in which assailants follow victims to their homes. Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore warned that his department has seen a spike in such crimes in recent weeks in more affluent areas of the westside of Los Angeles.

Shortly before 3 a.m., Jenkins and a passenger in his car were surrounded by the masked bandits, and one of them ordered the actor out of the car at gunpoint, police said.

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Jenkins managed to evade the robbery crew’s sport utility vehicle, but one of the assailants began firing at his car, according to Los Angeles police. Jenkins was able to flag down a California Highway Patrol cruiser about a mile from his home, and the robbers fled.

Among those targeted in recent weeks was “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Dorit Kemsley’s Encino mansion, where masked robbers made off with as much as $1 million in valuables. Detectives believe she was followed to her home before two men smashed their way into the house.

On Monday, LAPD detectives released a video of the two hooded and masked men breaking into the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s home shortly before 11 p.m. Oct. 27. In the video, one of the men shatters a sliding-glass window.

Once inside, LAPD investigators say the men confronted the TV star.

“Both suspects threatened to kill her as she pleaded for her life and the lives of her young children,” police said. “In fear for her safety, the victim complied with the suspects’ demands and directed them to valuables. The suspects took high-end handbags, jewelry and watches.”

Here’s the video of the robbery at Dorit Kemsley’s house:

The “crews” stake out expensive restaurants and boutiques and then follow people home.

Look, I am no fan of celebs or the mega elite, but this is scary stuff, and if they can do this to the uber-wealthy, imagine what they can do to the middle-class if they wanted?