Wild video clip reveals a passenger on a Michigan-bound plane showing up to have a full-on meltdown– getting on top of seats and releasing a slew of expletives in an event some customers compared to “The Exorcist.”

The clip published by World Star Hip Jump on Sunday reveals the lady, her medical mask drew down, installing 2 armrests in the aisle of a plane the site claimed was headed to Detroit.

“B– tches we’re mosting likely to f– k all evening,” she consistently shouts, as she bangs on the above travel luggage compartments.

The guest doesn’t seem speaking to anyone specifically as she proceeds her salacious rant and starts to get on the headrests.

She then starts to gyrate as she kicks some of the seats and also hits a compartment so hard that it opens and some items befall, the video footage reveals.

The woman is eventually led out of the aircraft by two males.

It’s vague what triggered the outburst, as well as details about the airline company or other information concerning the event weren’t provided.

Commenters on World Celebrity Hip Hop compared the freak-out to the memorable exorcism scene from the 1973 horror standard, in which possessed 12-year-old Regan MacNeil executes a collection of peculiar acts.

“What in The Exorcist kind of s– t is this,” one individual composed.