Schitt’s Creek may have ended its six-season work on April 7, however fans aren’t all set to allow the delightful Rose family members go right now.

After Calum Shanlin, a Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) producer who for greater than six years, concluded his time on the show, he invested a week relaxing and making some definitely spectacular Schitt’s Creek mashups.

I took the very first week post-finale off to loosen up and also all I’ve done is re-create comedy openings, but with Schitt’s Creek.

— Calum Shanlin (@calumshanlin) April 16, 2020

Shanlin recreated the Schitt’s Creek opening in the style of other beloved comedies like The Workplace, Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and also Leisure, 30 Rock, and also much more.

The manufacturer was most likely motivated to place various other rotates on Schitt’s Creek after his initial mashup from Oct. 2019, which incorporated Schitt’s Creek and also HBO’s Succession, received such full marks.

do you ever wonder if david or alexis would certainly have taken control of the rose video clip realm?

— Schitt’s Creek (@SchittsCreek) October 23, 2019

The new mashups are honestly so excellent that they brought splits to my eyes. The songs! The typefaces! The special impacts! UGH.

Any fan of Schitt’s Creek will certainly value the reimagined introductories, but followers of Schitt’s Creek AND ALSO other funnies will certainly be absolutely fascinated. Please enjoy the best roundup listed below.

Below we have … Schrute’s Creek!

.?.!? Schitt’s Creek, but make it the Office

— Calum Shanlin (@calumshanlin) April 16, 2020

It’s true: Nobody informed the Rose’s life was gon na be in this manner.

Schitt’s Creek, but make it Pals

— Calum Shanlin (@calumshanlin) April 16, 2020

Right here’s what it would appear like if the Rose family members moved to Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

Schitt’s Creek, however make it Gilmore Girls

— Calum Shanlin (@calumshanlin) April 17, 2020

Michael Schur as well as Dan Goor would certainly be so happy with this bangin’ Brooklyn Nine-Nine intro.

Schitt’s Creek, but make it Brooklyn Nine-Nine

— Calum Shanlin (@calumshanlin) April 16, 2020

Would a How I Met Your Mom/Schitt’s Creek mashup be the story of exactly how Johnny satisfied Moira? Or would certainly they all just be friends who hung around together in a bar?

Schitt’s Creek, yet make it HIMYM

Leslie Knope would enjoy.Schitt’s Creek, but make it Parks and Rec– Calum Shanlin (@calumshanlin)April 16, 2020 Huge

TGS with Tracy Jordan feelings. Schitt’s Creek, yet make it

30 Rock– Calum Shanlin(

@calumshanlin)April 16, 2020 We need more reveals ASAP! Mr. Shanlin, please

make this your new permanent job.