Yakiniku Like, a fast food-style Japanese BARBEQUE chain will be opening up in Singapore on Feb. 1.

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Possibly our heat settings were as well high, or we were simply really poor at taking images as well as BBQing concurrently, yet we melted a good part of our meat.< number aria-describedby =" caption-attachment-437277" style=" size: 2560px" >

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: 1px strong #ccc; border-bottom: 1px strong #ccc; padding:12 px 0 5px; ">( adsbygoogle =window.adsbygoogle|| []. press( ); There are 8 kinds of condiments that come with no additional cost, including four sauces.< number aria-describedby=" caption-attachment-437247" style=" width: 2560px ">< img src =" https://i0.wp.com/storage.googleapis.com/mothership-media/1/2020/01/IMG_4007-scaled.jpg" alt=" "size=" 2560" elevation=" 2560" > Image by Mandy Just How Original BBQ sauce Garlic soy sauce Sea salt sauce Spicy miso sauce Fresh chilli Garlic chilli sauce Rock salt Black pepper But it is practically smokeless.< number aria-describedby= "caption-attachment-437272" style= "size: 2560px" >
< img src="https://i0.wp.com/storage.googleapis.com/mothership-media/1/2020/01/IMG_4032-scaled.jpg" alt ="" width="2560" elevation="2560" > Photo by Mandy Exactly How If your hair is foul-smelling after the meal you can not condemn it on the BARBEQUE. Head over to the cashier after your dish for settlement. All costs are nett-- no GST, no service fee. Score: Five cows out of six. Minus one due to the fact that tongs. Perfect ratings are a lie.