As Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in a friendly on Friday, things became not-so-friendly on the pitch as Lionel Messi was caught in the camera telling coach Tite to ‘shut up’. Things got heated up during the match as Messi, who was making his first International appearance after serving a three-month ban for saying Brazil fixed Copa America, was annoyed with the Brazil coach’s complaints to the referee.

Tite, who later confirmed that the incident happened, added that he, in turn, told Messi to shut up. The Brazilian playmaker looked to the touchline and put his fingers to his lips before making another hand sign that appeared to tell the Brazil coach he had too much to say for himself.

O repórter cinematográfico Jordi Bordalba flagrou o momento em que Messi manda Tite calar a boca. O técnico brasileiro comentou sobre o desentendimento com o argentino ->

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Unhappy that Messi did not receive a yellow-card during the came, Tite said, “I complained because he (Messi) should have been shown a yellow card and he told me to shut my mouth and I told him to shut his mouth. And that was it.”

Messi turned out to be one of the outstanding performers for Argentina on his return to international football after missing four games through suspension. He scored the only goal after 14 minutes – his penalty was saved but he followed up to beat Alisson – and could have had another couple of goals but for some stout defending and the keeper’s awareness.

Argentina have now gone six games without defeat — their longest such run since 2016. After the match, Messi said, “From the very start we tried to play. We had a couple of misses and they had their chances,” Messi said. “But in the second half we were much better. When you win, it puts you more at ease and that is very positive for what lies ahead. I ended the match well, we all ran quite a bit. And that is what we were there to do.”

Argentina next play Uruguay in a friendly while Brazil take on South Korea.