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You’ve possibly seen it in the movies, yet have you ever seen a real exploding arrow?

Activity films highlight the curious kid in all of us.

After watching a James Bond flick, the signature tune obtains stuck in your head as well as somehow makes you stroll a little faster and stay alert of your environments. The Rapid as well as the Furious will make anybody drive over the speed limit.

And also, Rambo made this guy, Richard Ryan, intend to fire eruptive arrowheads.

To make this actually occur, he needed to make certain the bow was tuned to shoot the arrowhead at a reduced sufficient rate that it wouldn’t blow up in his hands. However, it also needed to fire the arrow fast enough to blow up upon impact.

Can he pull it off?

View the video listed below:


As you can see, he started shooting one of his handcrafted arrowhead right into a jelly block, which really did not create it to take off. As quickly as he connected with that concrete block, we had some fireworks on our hands.

That, naturally, brought about the shooting of some watermelons– a staple of shooting video clips everywhere– and ultimately a rubber dummy target.

He really did not mess around with his grand finale, either, as he positioned the dummy at a far away and shot from the top of a very high rock, providing the clip far more of a Rambo feeling.

You have to love exactly how far slow-motion video has come, specifically when you’re doing any sort of archery, shooting or explosive experiment. It’s so tough to see what’s taking place in real-time, so slowing it down such as this can be extremely useful.



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