Getting ready, wearing the best designer outfits, and wearing the best expensive makeup is the dream of every woman.

But here comes a new trend of nail art which makes your overall look even better. Nails are one of the most beautiful and attractive part of our look. So, maintaining a good nail art is very important.

It is the most creative way in which you paint and decorate your nails to make them look even more beautiful. It is an artwork done on finger nails or toe nails.

Now, nail art could be done in two ways. It can be done either on your original nails if you already have beautifully shaped elongated nails or you can use nail extensions available in market if you don’t have that much good nails. For some women whose nail growth is not so good can ho for nail extensions.

While doing nail art, it is important to take into consideration the paint’s colors, the type of design you want, whether it will match with your overall outfit or not, whether it will go with theme of the party or not. So, keeping all these factors in mind a very beautiful art work could be performed on nails.

The nail art work could be done either on a single nail or on all the nails. It depends upon the look you want, colours of your outfit and the occasion.

Here is presenting a very colorful, lively, cheerful and beautiful nail art called the watermelon nail art. In this, watermelon is painted in different designs and shapes. Various parts of a watermelon fruit are showcased on nails.

How much soothing it is to eat watermelon in summers? The same goes with the nail art, it looks as fresh and beautiful as a watermelon fruit is in real. It will go the best in summer, since everyone relates a watermelon with summer season. Moreover the refreshing and rejuvenating colors of watermelon goes the best in summer season.

Let’s look at some of the variations in watermelon nail art design.

Watermelon Nail Art Designs

1. Red White Watermelon Nail Art Design

A beautifully crafted watermelon design with all other nails painted red. The ring finger nail and the thumb have the pieces of watermelon and seeded portion of watermelon is painted on one little finger nail.

2. Seeded Red Green Watermelon Nail Art Design

This showcases the nails crafted with the seeds of watermelon. On little finger, there is outer covering of watermelon crafted. There is inner core watermelon design on thumb and ring finger nails and outer skin watermelon on little finger.

3. Simple Watermelon Nail Art Design

A very simple watermelon nail art design. Seeds are crafted on plain watermelon color painted nails. It is a very simple design and could be worn on routine days.

4. Pink Green Coloured Watermelon Nail Art Design

This is again a watermelon design but painted in different colors in pink and light green. It gives it the watermelon nail art design a different and unique look. It looks more graceful.

5. Light Coloured Watermelon Nail Art Design

Again a variation in colours of watermelon nail art design. The light colors look very beautiful and the ring finger nail art watermelon design makes it look more beautiful.

6. Bluish Watermelon Nail Art Design

A bluish shade watermelon design looks very unique and beautiful with pinkish watermelon pieces on ring finger nails. The watermelon design in a different colour makes it go with every colour outfit.

7. Perfect Watermelon On Nails

A very beautiful watermelon seeds nail artwork in red bright nail paint with green color leaves drawn on the top. It is a daily routine nail art work done.

8. Tips Covered Watermelon Nail Art Design

A beautiful watermelon nail art design. A transparent nail paint is used at the tips. The pink coloured with seeds and an outer layer of green watermelon outer covering.

9. Tips Covered Red Yellow Watermelon Nail Art Design

A nail tip watermelon nail art design. Watermelon seeds made on nails. A beautiful combination of red and yellow is used. On one hand red paint is used and on another yellow.

10. 3d Watermelon Nail Art Design

A 3D watermelon design with combination of colors like pink white and green color as leaves looks very beautiful. It goes with every outfit especially Saree of pink and green color.

11. Nude Shades Watermelon Design

A neon shade watermelon seed nail art design using colors pink and green. 3D shades on just two fingers looks very graceful.

12. Faint Watermelon Nail Art Design

A perfect watermelon nail art design made with red and green colors. The red seeded part looks perfect for the summers.

13. One Fourth Watermelon Piece Nail Art Design

A very beautiful design made on pink color nail paint. The ring finger nails have a semi design of watermelon slice. This is a very attractive and eye catching design

14. Baby Pink Watermelon Nail Art Design

A very simple and beautiful baby pink coloured design made over a baby pink nail paint. The small watermelon slices made looks very beautiful.

15. Watery Nude Pink Watermelon Nail Art Design

A neon pink shade paint on fingers with nail art on middle and ring finger nails. The watermelon design takes a look of spreaded juice coming out of watermelon. It looks like a 3D design.

Nail art has become a very outgrowing and profitable business. It has captivated a larger market since past years. Many people have been indulging themselves in this business. The most important reason behind such a tremendous growth of this industry is obviously the fashion industry and so its demand in the market.

Today, in every corner of world everybody do nail arts from big wedding ceremonies to very small occassions. There are various Instagram nail art handles who post daily new designs of nail art. There have come a lot of courses to learn nail art. People posts their videos teaching how to do a particular nail art.

Watermelon nail art is such one design getting very much loved by every woman. It looks quite fashionable in their own style. If its your favorite fruit flaunt it with your nail art too.