By no doubt now you have heard, read, or seen news of the most recent Christian celebrity falling from their pedestal place that the rest of the Christian (and secular world alike) kept an eye on. John Crist wasn’t the first, and he certainly won’t be the last. Just a couple of months ago we saw two other celebrity Christians denouncing their faith and coming forth with doubts about their religion. Why is it the ones we are all watching are the ones who make the loudest thump when they fall? What do Christian celebrities falling from grace so easily and in such large numbers tell us?

Well, putting aside the obvious, that we are all sinners, without perfection, and none of us are immune to falling down or failing miserably, there’s more to it. Yes, it would be easy to chalk it up to the human condition. Even Paul saw himself as the worst of the worst, even while serving in chains for His Savior, but I think we need to understand there’s more at play here. This isn’t just about the fact that we all will fall at one time or another. There’s so much more.

You see, I think we are witnessing a well-played hand. I think we are privy to the strategic move of an age-old enemy. I mean, do you think it’s a coincidence that a huge celebrity like Kanye West comes out boldly on fire for Christ as of recently, and somehow in the midst of that wildfire a popular voice in the Christian entertainment world falls flat on his face in public shame?! I don’t believe in coincidence.

Check it out, guys. We are in a battle. You may forget it’s there because you can’t always see the enemy, but I’m telling you, it’s happening. We’re on the battlefield. If you’re a Christian, understand that you are under attack. If you’re an outspoken Christian, be aware that you have a bullseye on your back. Satan wishes nothing more than to see you fail. That’s truth. He seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.

He’s stealing husbands from the head of their families through pornography. He’s killing babies before they leave their mother’s womb. He’s destroying the witness of Christians and Christianity each and every day. He’s tempting us with sex outside of God’s plan for marriage, and he’s deceiving us with promises of wealth. When God does something amazing for the Kingdom through one of His children, be prepared for the devil to try and upset the victory. This is why when you see a celebrity come forward in their faith for Christ, you are also likely to see a Christian brother or sister fall even harder.

Y’all, I believe God is doing something amazing in our world! I believe a revival is coming, and I am seeing an awakening of more and more to not simply “religion,” but to the importance of a relationship with Jesus. Have you noticed the increased popularity of Christian films? There are more Christian movies now than ever before. And y’all? There are some seriously good actors and actresses in these films now. What about the music industry? Leaving Kanye totally out of it, have you seen how our Christian artists are breaking through to the secular world? Last week I heard Lauren Daigle played three separate times on a secular station at work. God is moving!

Country stars are praying on national television, teen heartthrobs are becoming outspoken young men in love with Jesus, and sullen rappers are suddenly grinning from ear to ear, unable to stop talking about God’s goodness. God is moving!

I would imagine this would make the devil’s black blood boil with envy. How could a perfect God forgive such horrible humans with a track record of sickly sin? How could He pour out His favor on those who had their backs turned for so long?! Y’all, Satan doesn’t understand God’s grace. He doesn’t understand that we may fall, but that the good Lord can lift us back up. All he knows is how to knock us down, and when He sees God pouring out favor, he’s going to pull out the red carpet of temptation to transgression. When God moves, the devil is going to try and counterattack.

People of this world will see Christians (especially those in the limelight) “fall from grace,” and they will build false assumptions about our faith. This is really where we take the hardest hit. Our best strategy for the faith is to stand firm, not judging our brothers and sisters who fall (nor sweeping under the rug the seriousness and travesty of their sin and its impact on others), but praying for them and those they hurt, while simultaneously putting on our own armor. You see, it’s not just the celebrity Christians under attack. We are all susceptible to his schemes. We are all a target for evil, and as we have the advantage of seeing attacks on those in the spotlight, we must be especially in tune to how we ourselves can fall.

God is moving. I cannot stress this enough. And as such, Satan will also be on the prowl, set to steal families, kill witnesses, and destroy relationships. We, as children of God, must stand together, stand firm, and be ready. What does another Christian celebrity’s fall tell you? It should shake you to be ever ready, ready for the trickery of the enemy, ready to stand firmly in what God instructs for your life and the life of your family.

Here’s the thing. You can never fall so far that Jesus can’t scoop you up and cover you in His grace, redeem you, and heal you. But falling is really painful. And it bruises your reputation as an ambassador of Christ. Our goal should be to honestly and purposefully shine the light of Jesus. Our reputation and family name is important, and we must be on guard for attacks on that heritage and royal priesthood. It’s easy to let our guard down, but I pray that we can all see the fall of others as a warning that there is nothing good within us, nothing at all, except Him. Jesus.

We are at war, and our General is on the move! He is raising up warriors for His cause. The wonderful thing is we know how this is going to end. Spoiler alert. We win! Jesus is victorious. But until that final day, let’s decide we won’t be prisoners of war. If anything, let our eyes be open to the spiritual battle all around us, and may we stand firm until He whispers, “well done my good and faithful servant.”