Nigerian filmmaker and star, Ugezu has actually shared his ideas on the problem of females clothing skimpily in a quote to make a fashion statement.

The flick celebrity, took to his IG page to state that a woman becomes egalitarian as well as foolish when she purposely outfits nude in the name of style.

He likewise explained that appeal is signed up in the core of creative imagination and admirers are suggested to be left envisioning what is below as opposed to being made to see ones nakedness in the name of modern day fashion trends.He wrote;”

Once it signs up in myhead, I talk it with my mouth, which is why I am that lethal impersonate that decorates himself.” His message read:”A PURPOSELY naked female is not an attractive lady. A calculated nude lady is a bxtxh. Charm is signed up in the core area of imagination. ADMIRERS CONSTANTLY APPRECIATE WHAT LIES BELOW.

When whatever is thrown open for fashion or interest seeking, THE LADY COMES TO BE EGALITARIAN AND ALSO DUMB. CLASS IS WHATEVER, VIRTUE IS LIFE”