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When nearly 900 lbs worth of fighters clash – Bob Sapp overcomes over Taro Akebono in their rematch December 31, 2015 in Saitama, Japan.|Image by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

As the Logan vs KSI rematch impends, a look back at exactly how Bob Sapp went from relocating coffins for a living to conquering Japan as an all-purpose boxer for hire.

In less than a week, YouTube sensations KSI ‘The Nightmare’ and also Logan ‘The Radical’ Paul will certainly deal with once more, this time at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Their very first boxing suit saw it finish in a draw, however lots of forecast the tables will certainly be kipped down the rematch– with Logan Paul presently the wagering fave. Much more surprisingly, nonetheless, was that their 2018 round was a financial success– giving ample inspiration to obtain both men back into the ring. While celeb boxing is controlled by depressing situation stories (Manute Bol vs. William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry, any individual?) star fighting is a venture that can prove rewarding.

And therefore, surprisingly, it may be that no one has done it better than Bob Sapp.

A third round draft pick for the Bears in 1997, Sapp’s NFL profession quickly petered out– leaving the huge male without a living. Working at a funeral residence, Sapp moved caskets to make ends satisfy. In 2001, he briefly duke it outed NWA Wildside, prior to authorizing with the WCW. There he developed a personality called, ‘The Beast.’ Shortly afterwards, sadly, the WCW was purchased by the WWF– finishing Sapp’s period with the firm. Nonetheless, his relocate to pro wrestling led Sapp to a battle against Refrigerator Perry on. Sapp won, however a lot more importantly he acquired the interest of Kazuyoshi ishii, owner of K-1. Ishii brought Sapp to Japan, as well as the country loved all 380 pounds of him.

Less than five years after he was relocating coffins for the funeral chapel, Sapp contended in one of the most seen Mixed Martial Arts battle in history. Bob Sapp vs. Akebono, a 6’9″ and 462 lb sumo legend, attracted 54 million visitors. The former NFL lineman won, although what happened was less a fight and more simply a mess.

Not to be lost in his self-admitted propensity to quit fights to stay clear of damage (and also possibly a couple rounds that look also less convicing), Sapp has racked up a surprisingly long document, considering his background. His combined fight document is 24-39-1, and he has fought such legit fighters as Antonio Nogueira and Mirko Cro Police. Sapp likewise flaunts 2 triumphes over kickboxing legend Ernesto Hoost, which rate as two of the most shocking troubles in combat sporting activities.

Although Sapp might exist mainly as an uniqueness act, his battle revenues have actually reportedly gotten to $10 million, which is no joke. He has not dealt with in a year, however did have actually a docudrama released in 2018,.

When it comes to Logan and also KSI, it seems that KSI might be the most likely candidate to follow in Sapp’s footsteps, and not just due to the fact that both males have actually released rap cds. KSI has actually stated he wishes to end up being a professional competitor. His efficiency as the underdog in his upcoming bout may move him towards that goal. It’s not exactly a lofty bar, however Sapp just could be the greatest celeb fight success tale.

The battle will be streamed obey DAZN. Undercard begins at 7pm ET, main card at 9pm ET.