I saw Emily in Paris out of curiosity. The undeniable buzz Netflix had created for their rom-com mini-series prior to it airing was undeniableâElle Australia went as far as saying itâs like Sex and the City set in France. And Iâm always in the mood to watch a light-hearted show when the fashion promises to be good.

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Itâs fair to say that Emily in Paris is a lighthearted series you can binge-watch in one sitting. However, I felt that I was less drawn to Emily Cooperâs wardrobe with its bright hues and bold prints. It was the moment the character of Camille bumped into Emily at the florist, that I felt my sartorial heart skip a beat.

Camille Razat has that distinct French girl je ne sais quoi that makes every scene with her a joy to watch on screen. Her perfectly tousled hair and barely-there makeup make her the effortless style star to watch. Not to mention, she makes her predominantly black, white, and beige wardrobe look interesting and fun. Below are the five reasons why Camilleâs style is what you should be eyeing.

Camille Razat plays Camille, Gabrielle’s blonde art-loving girlfriend who’s too chic for the show!

Camille opts for boxy blazers rather than body-hugging jackets. A silhouette thatâs been in vogue for the past few years.

From Saint Laurent to Chanel, boxy blazers with crisp and sometimes razor sharp shoulders have been a runway staple for a while now for both men and women. Camilleâs take has her pairing it with deep blue straight cut denims and red boots with a gold toe cap. I would love to top this look off with Bottega Veneta‘s soft leather pouch.

Camille knows how to add a pop of color when needed, especially red.

Just like what she wore the first time she met Emily, Camille flaunts red again but this time in a casual denim look. Worn just under her oversized cropped denim jacket and high-waisted jeans, Camille sports a fiery red T-shirt to spice up the look.

Black is the coolest color and Camille knows how to wear it well.

Black is a huge trend for fallânot that itâs shocking. But designers like Junya Watanabe, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen have reinvented the non-color with futuristic inflections like patent leather dresses and devilishly romantic high-neck dresses in sequins and feathers.

Despite Camille showing up in black most of the time, her blazer and jeans look, her pleated gallery dress cinched with a mini leather belt bag, and her cropped dinner jacket and trousers ‘fit during the disastrous double date episode showcased a fresh and current takeon a classic formula.

Camille knows how to flaunt prints with ease.

Camille certainly knows how to make it look like sheâs wearing the clothes and not the other way around. If you argue that her style is too serious, you can always look back at that polka-dotted puff-sleeved mini dress she wore with boots, and the fun leather jacket, shorts and cowboy boots look she strutted when she met Emily at the Hastens beds installation. FYI, cowboy boots are also a big trend on and off the runway as seen on street style stars like Aimee Song and brands like Alberta Ferretti and Louis Vuitton.

Despite most of her scenes showing her outfit from the waist up, Camille knows the power of a statement neckline.

When Gabriel breaks up with the blonde, itâs hard to ignore Camilleâs romantic white ruffled top that makes you question why the ambitious chef would ever leave a girl with such great sense of style! She looked impeccable even while crying!