Most people associate coaches with the physical fitness coaches but there is also another category of coaches that can help you keep your mind healthy and focused. Not only do they help you maintain better psychological health, but they also help you achieve your goals and transform your life into a meaningful one. One such coach is Jacob Galea. The Australian based mentor has undergone a huge transformation that has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and expertise to help others do the same. Having risen to popularity because of his work, many people wonder why celebrities and CEOs hire Jacob Galea to bring them clarity and focus.


Having been a factory worker in his twenties, Jacob Galea had to tap into his inner abilities to achieve his greater potential. Since everyone has such hidden potential, it is better to have someone who has conquered theirs to help bring out yours. For over 20 years Jacob has been studying different aspects of the mind. Some of those aspects include emotional intelligence and the power of the subconscious mind. He has also applied his knowledge by helping other people, both within Australia and in other parts of the world. He is also a martial arts expert and he uses that expertise together with other experiences to bring out discipline, clarity and focus to the minds of CEOs and celebrities. 


Galea uses his experiences to help people develop stronger mindsets that build a stronger psychological mindset. The same way an athlete trains with a coach every day to prepare for a major competition, working with a mental health coach helps prepare the mind to be stronger. This can then help keep you focused on your goals and keep you from being distracted. Through meetings with his clients, he finds out their goals and the hindrances they are facing. He then uses different techniques such as hypnotherapy, meditation, and visualization to help the clients overcome any obstacles. While doing this, he encourages them to have fun but avoid having negativity that could pull them back. His methods have been known to be very effective and that is why celebrities and CEOs hire Jacob Galea to bring them clarity and focus.


Although he encourages his clients to be comfortable throughout their sessions, Galea also pushes them out of their comfort zone to help them reach greater heights. He drives his clients, both celebrities and business owners to take responsibility for their actions. Through this they can work hard towards their goals, knowing if they don’t then they will be accountable to themselves. Jacob Galea can also help people bring out the unique abilities that help make them different from everyone else. This helps them build their brands which are different from all of the others. Having undergone such a tremendous transformation himself, he understands the struggles and challenges one can face and he helps them overcome them by bringing out their inner strengths.

Apart from these reasons, Jacob Galea has spoken in many forums and at many events which is another reason why celebrities and CEOs hire Jacob Galea to bring them clarity and focus. His ability to engage with the audience and his passion has helped many people live their best lives and reach their true potential.

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