When you have an excellent sales perspective you do not require medicines or hugs.

Marketing Is The Transfer of Confidence

Why do those who “have everything,” i.e. athletes, film celebrities, artists, and other celebrities do medicines and why do so several salesmen hobble along in their careers hardly scraping by regardless of Forbes and also Glassdoor listing “company advancement” as one of the leading 5 most promising tasks of in 2014.

(I initially wrote this on 2/1/10 when a star died of an overdose. I updated it on 2/2/14, 7/20/17, and also … and … as well as. I won’t also get involved in Jim Belushi, Whitney Houston, Tom Petty, Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, Royal prince, etc.

. While this blog post is on a sales and also marketing web site, comprehending the role confidence, faith, as well as wish play in all locations of our lives relates to all of us, in anything we do. Please take this message to heart to not only offer much better, however to live far better.)

Why Do Celebs Do Medicines and also Sales Individuals Required Hugs?

To respond to the question in the title, it’s since sales individuals and also celebrities often tend to have a inadequate self-image, low self-esteem, as well as inadequate mindsets.

One word: Confusion.