• YouTube brings together celebrities and influencers on one platform which creates equality
  • Alex Gonzaga is the most successful Pinoy celebrity when it comes to vlogging

Fil-am YouTuber Wil Dasovich recently put up a vlog entitled “Are Artistas Ruining YouTube.”

Wil acknowledges the fact that celebrities are very influential given their status. Them being on YouTube encourages and motivates people to do the same. He feels that the platform places celebrities and YouTubers on the same level.

“Once Artistas becoming YouTubers I felt like it was the merging of that gap between YouTubers and professional entertainers.”

Celebrities are able to bring in traffic to the platform which makes the promotion of products and services step up a level.

“Ultimately Artistas coming to YouTube brings more viewers on the platform and in return this brings more advertisers so everyone wins.”

Actress-host Alex Gonzaga has seen major success using the platform by doing vlogs, although there were others who did it before her.

“There were really a lot who started before her but she was really the one who transcended her career and successfully crossed over to the digital platform.”

Gonzaga really showed people how having a meaningful and effective channel can bring in a lot of money.

‎”Even until this day, she is the only traditional artista who get these types of endorsements because of her digital star power.”

Wil says that being on YouTube is not about getting the upper hand or competing with each other, but is all about helping one another.

“The beauty about YouTube ‎is it’s a meritocracy. Anyone is free to join and for the most part, anyone has the equal opportunity of making it plus it is a collaborative opportunity.”

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