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The President of China Xi Jinping has congratulated the people of our nation’s Prosperous West this morning after they voted to adopt a style of government his nation has pioneered in recent years.

Incumbent Premier and Leader of the West Australian Labor Party Mark McGowan led an extinction event against his opposition in Saturday’s election by winning almost every seat on offer.

The defeat confirms the WA Liberal and National Party adopt ‘micro party status and lose out on important funding and benefits that major opposition parties enjoy.

“Much the same as China,” said Xi Jingping this morning in a telephone call with The Advocate.

“I think it’s great other parts of the world, in particular the West, are starting to adopt a sensible and intelligent one-party system. The people of Western Australian will start to enjoy the efficiency and comfort the comes from a one-party government from day one. No longer will they have annoying people who criticise policy. The Premier is now also free to place people from dirty and undesirable parts of the country, such as the entire state of Victoria and Sydneysiders, into internment camps which he could then use to re-educate them into adopting a Sand Grouper Lifestyle,”

“The possibilities are endless.”

The Advocate reached out to The Office of the WA Premier for comment but as it’s 7am here in Betoota, we probably won’t get one for a while.

More to come.