“Check out the dead Christmas trees,” laughs Yasmin, gesturing towards the two pots and their brown, drooping contents by the front door. “I’m a rubbish multi-tasker.” When you’re that beautiful and successful and a well-brought-up Brit (while her photographer father is Iranian, she grew up in Oxford), it’s practically de rigueur to undersell yourself.

It strikes me that she views her modelling career as, at best, a passive achievement. Sure, she worked day and night, but it all came quite easily. At 17, she was scouted in Oxford by a local agent. At 19, she took herself off to Models 1 in London, where she’s been ever since. Notwithstanding the close-knit family she’s nurtured, the 36-year marriage, and the 40-year career that’s still going strong (she recently appeared in a shoot for British Vogue), part of her feels frustrated. Yasmin has genuine style. “I used to do a lot of jumble-sale shopping before it was called thrift and I loved photography, so I guess you develop an eye.”

Today, she’s make-up free, her hair is long and she’s wearing a pair of skinny Made in Heaven jeans, a Gucci T-shirt celebrating The Lady Garden (a charity raising awareness about gynaecological cancers), the “Elton John-worthy” socks Valerie gave her (the Le Bons are big on flamboyant socks) and a pair of fluffy lime slippers.

When she’s pulling out the stops, she exudes a loose, polished flair that flies from boho (she loves Isabel Marant and Preen) to rock chic, taking in androgynous tailoring. She has donated mountains of clothing to charity but, even so, the Le Bons are currently availing themselves of two storage facilities nearby.

During lockdown she did give up the fight against grey roots, though they’re now covered. “I would have kept the grey, but a job came through and they asked me to dye it brown.”