One of the most unexpected story to find out of New York Fashion Week is the launching of KFC Crocs. On Feb. 11, footwear brand Crocs and fast-food huge Kentucky Fried Hen exposed their brand-new cooperation when musician Me Love Me A Whole Lot (MLMA) rocked a set of system Crocs with chicken-scented Jibbitz drumstick beauties on the top.

The goofy obstructions likewise include KFC’s trademark red-and-white container red stripes in addition to photos of fried chicken. In spite of the luring appearance and smell, no component of the footwear is edible.

When the shoes come out of the fryer, I need to admit it’s a little bit scary!

Take a look at this sight to see in the video clip tweeted out by KFC:

Introducing the main Kentucky Fried Chicken certified exclusive shoes made in collaboration with @crocs. Do not eat. Coming Springtime 2020. (

— KFC (@kfc) February 12, 2020

The main web site for the footwear encourages individuals to place the shoes on their “pail listing.”

“Covered in a deep-fried hen print and also a striped base, these will make your imagine putting on a bucket of hen ultimately come to life,” reads the site.

There are two versions of the footwear; the one in the video over is a progressive, overpriced platform style called the Kentucky Fried Hen X Crocs Bucket Blockage debuted by Oriental rapper and also style symbol MLMA. It will not be available to the routine public. The various other is the Kentucky Fried Chicken X Crocs Classic Blockage, as well as this is the one that will be readily available to acquire.

KFC As well as of course, the two Jibbitz drumstick beauties that come with the footwear are removable!

The website does not show a day when the shoes will be available for purchase yet reiterates that it will certainly be at some point in Spring 2020. A pair will be priced at $59.99 and also offered in unisex sizes. You can enter your email address to receive updates concerning the KFC x Crocs collaboration.

Crocs likewise tweeted out a news concerning the shoes, calling them “deep-fried style”:

Breaking the net with @papermagazine and also @KFC. It’s called deep fried style #KFCCrocs

— Crocs Shoes (@Crocs) February 12, 2020

“As Crocs continues to create brand-new, unforeseen brand name partnerships, we’re delighted with this ‘container checklist’ collaboration with Kentucky Fried Hen that will bring followers an unbelievably fun and also stylish take on our traditional blockage,” Terence Reilly, Crocs elderly vice president and also principal advertising officer, said in a news release. “We’re recognized to feature this fashion-forward style between 2 legendary American brands at one of New York’s largest weeks in vogue that assures to surprise as well as delight consumers around the globe.”

This is not the first zany partnership Crocs has come up with. In 2017, Balenciaga debuted platform Crocs at Paris Fashion Week.

Take a look at this pink set on Instagram:

A message shared by Crocs Shoes (@crocs) on< time style =" font-family: Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14 px; line-height:17 px;" datetime="2017-10-01T15:23:03 +00:00" > Oct 1, 2017 at 8:23 am PDT Crocs are currently a super-divisive footwear selection, so I’m presuming these brand-new chicken-themed footwear will certainly be much more questionable. Would you attempt to wear a set?